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Cat Tales: Fat Rat


My cat’s name is Fat Rat.

We found Fat Rat and her 4 kittens living under a mobile home. We brought them all to our barn and began taking care of them. She was a great mother.

We found homes for two of her kittens, and we kept her and the other two. About the time she was weaning them, she did decide that she wanted to move into the house. She “worked on” my husband for about two weeks, and one day I came home and she was stretched out on the love seat, and she has been inside ever since…

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Friends and Sisters

Fat Rat is about 4 years old and the greatest cat ever. She does not like to be held. But she does like to lay beside me and get her tummy rubbed.

She has a sister named Fluff and they love one another: they chase and zoom around the house. And every now and then Fat Rat has to remind Fluff that she is the boss. (Here’s a picture of Fluff…just below)


Mom of the Clan

We do not call her Fat Rat because she is fat, ( although she is very healthy ), but it was a nickname that my husband called her, because she is the matriarch of our clan. She answers to her name, she will not come to kitty.

I love her markings, if you look her chin is black and it appears that she is smiling, it is really neat. She loves her daddy and will lay in bed with him and watch TV. It’s really cute!


Her favorite toys are milk rings, she has them hidden all over the house, and she does know where she left them.

Her boyfriend’s named Dusty and they go on adventures on Facebook, and even have fun parties. Check out her page sometime!

- From The Owners of Fat Rat


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