What Is The Most Common Breed Of Cat?

Cats are a favorite household pet of millions of people. There are many breeds of cats, all of them with their breed-specific characteristics and their own personality quirks.

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Several breeds are known for being very popular breeds among cat lovers while others may not be as commonly seen in cat-owner households. A few of the most common breeds of cats include the Siamese, Domestic and American Short Haired, as well as the Main Coon breed. So what breed do you think ranks as the number one breed?


The Domestic shorthair cat

Cats are first known to have come to the US with the Pilgrims. Some of the cats brought over were bred to start their lineage of certain purebreds, while others were interbred and started the history of the Domestic shorthair.

shorthaired Kittens photo

Because the Domestic shorthair is a mixture of breeds; a Heinz-57, it is known as the mutt-of-cats in the cat world. The Domestic shorthair is the most common breed of cats. So common, in fact, that when most people hear the word, “cat,” it is a Domestic shorthair that pops into mind.


Personality of the Domestic shorthair

The personality of the Domestic shorthair cat varies from cat-to-cat due to the mixture of breeds. It depends on the mixture and which breed is the dominant breed as to what type of personality your cat will exhibit.

While one may be more affectionate and loving, another may be more independent or even skittish. One may have a louder voice while another displays a quiet, softer tone.

One thing that is fairly certain is that all are lively and playful when they are little and will certainly entertain.

Many times their personality will develop according to their environment, how you raise and treat them.

Factors that play a role in their temperament may include whether there are other animals or children in the household. They are likely to be more social if there are. Oppositely, if they often get left alone, they may be more timid or nervous around people.


The look of the Domestic Shorthair

Just like the personalities will vary, the look of the Domestic shorthair cat will vary and depends on the dominant breed. Domestic shorthairs can be short and stocky to thin and longer legs. They may have a petite face with small features or a robust head with broad features.

shorthaired Kittens photo

The color variations of the Domestic shorthair are endless, too. Anything is possible when multiple breeds get together. You’ll find Domestic shorthairs from solid colors to a wide variety of mixed colors.

One thing that will be the same for this breed is the length of their coat.

Domestic shorthairs, as their name states, are all short-haired which means minimal grooming is required.


Your Domestic Shorthair’s health

The average lifespan of a Domestic shorthair cat is 12-18 years.

Of course their overall genetic disposition depends on their personal lineage, but with lots of love, the proper diet and healthcare, your Domestic shorthair will be a happy, healthy pet for you to love and enjoy for many years.

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