What Is The Longest Living Cat Breed?

bombay cat photo
Photo by sebadore

The best news for cat lovers is that our kitties are living longer, happier lives than ever.

A couple of decades ago, our feline friends were only expected to live between 4 and 8 years, however today more and more cats are living into their teens and even beyond. There have even been reports of cats living into their fourth decade, with the world’s oldest cat ever, according to the Guinness Book of Records, living to the ripe old age of 38!

Of course, most domestic cats don’t usually live so long but there are some breeds that tend to have a longer lifespan than others.

If you’re choosing a new kitten and want to have the best chance of enjoying their company for a long time to come, have a look at some of these:


The Oriental

Oriental cat photo
Photo by Nickolas Titkov

The Oriental is a beautiful, long legged cat with a gorgeously patterned coat. Similar to the Siamese breed, these shorthaired beauties are super intelligent, and keen to participate in your everyday life. Keen to interact, they will always be happy to cuddle and listen to your conversation, however they need a lot of stimulation and attention, and can pine if left alone for long periods. The Oriental breed can live for around 15 years with the right care.


The Persian

persian cat photo
Photo by pinkiwinkitinki

This breed have a long pedigree, dating back to 1684 BC, and pictures of them have even been discovered in hieroglyphics! They are best suited to living indoors, and require a lot of grooming because of their long hair.

persian cat photo
Photo by akk_rus

They have an especially unique appearance due to their flattened faces, and this unusual feature can cause them some health problems, however they are very calm and docile. When well cared for, the Persian cat can have a very long lifespan of between 15 and 20 years.


The Manx

Manx cat photo
Photo by A.Davey

Originating from the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, these attractive felines are often thought to have no tail, however that is not always the case, and sometimes two thoroughbred Manx cats can produce a kitten with a complete tail, no tail at all or even varying lengths of tail!

According to The Cat Fancier’s Association, Manx cats are extremely loyal and have been known to protect their family from danger when the opportunity presents itself.

This breed frequently live well beyond 15 years.

  • Manx lifespan 15+ years
  • Bombay lifespan 20+ years
  • Persian lifespan 15 – 20+ years
  • Oriental lifespan 15+ years


The Bombay

bombay cat photo
Photo by sebadore

According to PetCareRx, the Bombay cat can live up to 20 years, and thrive best in a warm or indoor environment. These intelligent cats are easy to train and can even be taught to walk on a leash!

bombay cat photo
Photo by Rebecca-louise

With their stunning, sleek black coats, they are beautiful to look at, and have no specific health problems associated with the breed. These gorgeous felines love interaction and are great family pets.

These are just some of the breeds that are known to enjoy long lifespans, however many people have reported that their own crossbreed cat has lived just as long.

Do you have a kitty who is thriving into their late teens or twenties?

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