Cat Breeds with Pictures volunteers and contributors make our site better in many ways. We are looking for people who are inspired to make our cat website excellent, fun and a great resource for all ages.

We encourage you to check out our volunteering opportunities and see if any of them appeal to you. Don’t be afraid to ask if you’re unsure.

To help you decide which opportunity is right for you, we’ve created several categories for volunteering here at CBWP.

Notice: After signing up, you may receive an error message; please disregard, you will still receive further instructions from us.
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  • If you’re unsure of what to do or experience an issue, Contact us.

1. Contributor

A contributor will primarily be on the look out for great cat videos, cute pictures of cats, intriguing studies and infographics about cats. The purpose of this role is to educate, entertain and encourage kindness toward all life.

As a contributor, you will be using a personal login for WordPress and submitting a draft with images, video embeds and so a familiarity with blogs and online publishing is required.

  • Task: Submit a draft containing 5 URLs of funny, cute or intriguing cat themed videos. Tag, categorize and label the post.
  • Task: Submit a draft containing 15 pictures of cats.  Tag, categorize and label the post.
  • Task: Submit a draft of an infographic about cats. Tag, categorize and label the post.


2. Technical Helper

A technical helper is anyone who has amassed a set of technical skills, such as programming. Our primary need is in web design coding and backend programming as it relates to WordPress sites.

  • Task: Fix current CSS bugs and issues within the website’s style-sheets.
  • Task: Assist setting up a submission-based gallery for the website which seamlessly allows users to label a breed picture they are submitting, and instantly submit to a public gallery.


3. Artist

Artists can have a profound impact on the development of our directory of breeds. If you are passionate about illustrating high detailed realistic or stylized drawings of different breeds of cats, this may be best suited to your interests!

  • Task: Illustrate 1 cat breed using your artistic skills, submit the drawing as a draft. Then give the post a title, tag it, and categorize.


Frequently Asked Questions

+How do I volunteer?

Click the View and Sign Up link in the above volunteer opportunities table. Select the position that interests you most.

+What is the duration of the volunteer positions?

The positions are posted on a need-only basis and so are not permanent.

+How much time is a volunteer required to work?

All the voluntary positions do not require a set amount of time each week. Simply contribute when you can. Being a volunteer, it is expected you will at least contribute 1 piece of content within 60 days of being approved for the position.

+I signed up, what’s next?

Thank you for signing up! We will send you an email with more information as soon as possible.


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