Ultimate List of Cat Breeds Part 2

cat photo
Photo by Alexas_Fotos

There are more cat breeds in the world than can be crammed into one list, so here’s a second list to follow on from the first. On the whole, these cats are also more rare than the breeds on the first list.



Korn Ja: a very small hairless breed from Thailand

Mekong Bobtail: Russia’s colorpoint mutation/natural breed of bobtail



european burmese photo
Photo by Dirigentens

Coupari: the long-haired version of the natural/mutation Scottish Fold breed

European Burmese: a crossbreed mixing Burmese with British Shorthairs and red point Siamese

Kellas: an undomesticated felid hybrid landrace once thought to be mythological until a specimen was snared in 1984

Perfold: this experimental crossbreed combines the Highland and Scottish Fold cats with the Persians

Swedish Forest Cat: a semi-long-haired breed with very dense fur that seems to repel water


North Americas

polydactyl cat photo
Photo by Helena Jacoba

American Domestic: a short-haired breed with one of the classic tabby patterns: mackerel, spotted, Agouti or classic

American Polydactyl: these cats with extra toes are often seen as a separate breed

American Ring Tail: a mutation breed where the cat’s tail curls over its back

Cheetoh: a large breed with short coats with cheetah-type markings

Chinchilla: these are silver Persians with undercoats of pure white fur

Dwelf: a tiny, hairless breed that can come in extremely exotic colors

Gato: this laidback breed is a Himalayan, Egyptian Mau and Siamese mix

Genetta: this tiny, and very new, breed is being developed in Texas with the aim of making a domesticated African genet lookalike. It’s a cross between the Savannah, Munchkin, Domestic Shorthair, Oriental Shorthair and Bengal

golden persian cat photo
Photo by Nickolas Titkov

Golden Persian: one of the variations on the Persian breed with green/blue-green eyes and apricot fur tipped with seal brown or black

Golden Exotic: the short-haired version of the Golden Persian

Kashmir: a laid-back long-haired breed, usually seen in lilac or chocolate

Kinkalow: a Munchkin/America Curl crossbreed with the short legs and the curled ears

Lambkin Dwarf: a man-made curley-coated crossbreed out of a Munchkin and Selkirk Rex mix

Napoleon: also known as the Minuet cat, this is a Persian/Munchkin crossbreed

Peke-Faced: another variation on the Persian with a face resembling that of a Pekingese dog

silver persian cat photo
Photo by akk_rus

Silver Persian: yet another variation on the Persian with black-tipped silver fur and green-blue or green eyes

Silver Exotic: as with the Golden Exotic, this is the short-haired version of the Silver Persian

Skookum: an experimental crossbreed between the LaPerm and the Munchkin that has the LaPerm’s wiry-cury coat

Teacups: perhaps not a separate breed, but still extremely distinctive, these are the miniature versions of fullsize breeds and include the Teacup Persian and the Teacup Bengal

York Chocolate: a medium sized breed with distinctive chocolate-black fur and skin


As the years go by, and as man gets more creative with crossbreeding and more mutations occur, there will, no doubt, be more breeds to add to this list.

It is doubtful, though, as to whether many more natural breeds will be discovered or domesticated.

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