Tricks To Keep Your Cat Off And Away From Your Technology

There are a lot of things that attract cats to electronic devices, especially laptops and computers. It may be easy to laugh at your cat’s funny little antics when you find your kitty sprawled across your keyboard or curled up next to the glow of your computer screen, but the truth is it can quickly become a bad habit, and a hard one to break if you don’t nip it in the bud quickly.

cat on laptop photo

Photo by jonas.lowgren

Why shouldn’t you allow your cat around technological devices?

There are many reasons why you should keep your furry feline away from technology. Starting with the obvious, it can be annoying to try to operate your device with a furry creature getting in the way or blocking the use of it.

Simply put, cats don’t care if you’re trying to work or play a game, when they want your attention, they’ll stop at nothing to get it, including walking across your keyboard at the most inopportune time. They may also try to adopt the spot and claim it as their favorite place to nap, due to the warmth your computer provides.

cat on laptop photo

Photo by Justin Dolske

Other reasons why cats should be kept away from technology include:

Mess up your work – You may have already experienced this scenario: You’re in the middle of typing an important document or message and haven’t yet backed-up your work when suddenly it disappears under the paws of your cat.

Just that quick, your feline can cause a big mess up from causing the entrance of random commands or data, or even cause your computer to crash simply by leaping onto, or walking across your keyboard or other technology device.

Fur damage – This is a bigger problem for those long haired, big shedding kitties. When your cat lays on or frequently walks across and around your computer, he is dropping fur and dust that get all over your keyboard and around the fan. This builds up and can cause damage to your computer’s fan and the key function.

Breakage – Laptops are easy to knock off tables and desks. Because cats are notorious for rubbing up against objects and are easily spooked, they can cause your device to take a tumble and do some real damage.

cat on laptop photo

Photo by xuhulk

Here are a few tips and tricks for keeping your cat off and away from your computer:

1. Startle your cat – Cats do not like startling noises. If you see your cat about to jump up on your computer, toss something noisy in the cat’s direction to stop her in her tracks and startle her away.

An empty soda can filled with a few coins is one homemade noise producer you can use. Remember, your goal is not to hit your cat, but to startle her. A folded-up piece of newspaper can be hit against your hand while approaching her, to startle her.

2. Plastic covers – While startling your cat away works well when you can see her about to make her jump, you won’t always be there to do that. When you aren’t around or using your computer or device, cover it to protect it.

Thick plastic covers for your keyboard and computer screen will keep your cat from getting her fur all over it and between the keys as well as pushing buttons that could cause computer problems.

3. Give her another option – If you don’t mind your feline being on the desk while you work but don’t want her on your keyboard, give her, her own space to occupy. Cats love boxes and baskets, that’s a fact.

Try setting a small box, box lid or basket on your desk where she can curl up in and be close to you without being on top of your computer. If she tries to sneak over to your space, discipline her and put her back in her space repetitively, to teach her.

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