Traveling With Your Feline Friends

Traveling with your cat can be a very enjoyable experience as long as you understand that some felines become nervous easily and each one will handle travel differently (just like people). First it is important to understand your cats nature and needs. Knowing these key facts will help you decide whether you wish to travel via car, rv or train.

cats on car photo

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Traveling with cats in the car:

Some believe that driving is less risky than flying, and there are some major hotel chains that have changed their attitudes toward animals and are welcoming them now. First and foremost it is extremely important to keep your cat contained while in your car, away from you and the drivers seat.

Cats can become escape artists while on the road as they become nervous during travel and as much as they tend to get under your feet while you are at home they might try to get under your feet while you are driving as well. The last thing you need is kitty walking all over you, getting under your feet (and even under the seat); this only causes distractions that you do not need while trying to drive.

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The best thing for your cat is to put him or her in a carrier big enough that they can stand up and turn around in; they will feel surrounded, safe and secure. Remember to be sure and keep food and water available although they may be too nervous to eat or drink.

If you need to stop for any amount of time it is important you know the dangers of leaving animals in a hot car.


In an RV/Motorhome:

Before traveling with your cats in an RV, give them a chance to become accustomed to the new surroundings. Place the food dish, water, toys and litter box in their appropriate locations and then hang out there (maybe with a good book?) for a few hours to allow your cat an opportunity to get familiar with the surroundings.

Here is one couple’s story and their top 5 tips. As you prepare for a trip, try to have all of your belongings and your feline necessities packed and ready to go. Try to avoid any last-minute hectic activity.

It is important to stay relaxed, as cats can sense tension in their human owners and the same rule of thumb as driving in your car, prevent your kitty from obtaining access to the drivers seat and surrounding area.

Amtrak rules and regulations for pets: (In the U.S.) 

As with any trip, starting out knowledgeable and prepared will ensure a happy experience for everyone.

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