Top Cat Games on Androids and iPhone

nyan cat game photo
Photo by Joris Leermakers

There are many amazing video games on Androids and iPhones nowadays, and there are also many about cats, too.

These games come in all kinds, as the Internet becomes rapidly obsessed with cats, more are created.

These are the top cat video games, available on both Androids and iPhones.


Neko Atsume:Kitty Collector

Neko Atsume photo
Photo by Joelk75

Neko Atsume (available both on Android and iPhone) is a cat collecting game developed by Hit-Point, a Japanese company.

In this game, you watch your cats and try to attract new ones in your garden (although you can get an extension into your house. When you leave out toys for cats, and also a bowl of food, then they will start coming, eating your food, and playing with the toys.

If these cats are satisfied (which they always are) then they will leave you either silver or gold fish. Gold is the rarer of the two, and can purchase more expensive toys and food, which will attract rarer cats, as well. This game can become very addicting, very quickly, so be careful!


Talking Tom Cat

talking tom photo
Photo by natalie419

Talking Tom is a 3D cat that users can tickle, poke, or play with, although there aren’t any actual games, because Tom mostly sits in the same spot.

However, you can get him to repeat what you say in certain situations.

Mostly he is an adventurous, witty tomcat that you can have fun with if you’re ever bored.

He is like your pet cat, and will respond to your touch in some way. It is especially loads of fun for children.


Catlateral Damage:

Photo by | cc
Photo by | cc

This is a cat game where, instead of controlling or playing with your pet cat, you are the cat! This is a first person game where you, as the cat, try to knock as many of your owner’s belongings to the floor as possible.

There are game modes where you have a two-minute clock to try and get as many of the belongings onto the floor as possible, and in this mode you can earn points.

In the free play mode, you have unlimited time to knock off all of the belongings, however, you do not earn any points. This is an engaging game, that does have truth to it, as cats have a tendency to knock belongings off of tables!


Nyan Cat:Lost in Space

nyan cat game photo
Photo by ssoosay

The original Nyan Cat is a picture of a cat with a Pop-Tart as a body, flying through space with rainbows coming out from behind him. Of course, the cat also tries to collect treats and jumps on platforms in the game, making it all the more interesting.

However, in this game, there are five modes: Classic Mode, Universe Mode, Nyan Wings Mode, Zen Mode, and Tac Nayn Mode.

Classic Mode is like the original Nyan Cat: flying through space, jumping on platforms, and bombs, too.

Universe Mode is much like the Classic Mode, but instead of bombs, you collect Rainbow Batteries, and there is also a time limit of 85 seconds.

In Nyan Wings Mode, you are fleeing from Tac Nayn’s cage, and flying from planet to planet.

There are different obstacles and ways of moving in this mode, so it’s different from the others. Zen Mode is an easier version of Classic Mode, without any bombs.

Tac Nayn is Classic Mode, except you are playing Tac Nayn and there are no Tac Nayns running around.

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