Top Anime Cats to Watch

Cats are adorable, from their mischievous shenanigans to their purring innocence.

So it comes as no surprise that the anime industry has a wide variety of cute feline characters.

Of them all here is a collection of cats or cat-like creatures that are among the most iconic throughout the industry.


Luna and Artemis: Sailor Moon

Photo by | cc
Photo by | cc

It wouldn’t be an appropriate list if we didn’t start out with one of the most famous cat couplings in the world of anime.

Luna and Artemis assist the Sailor Scouts in their mission to protect Earth from the Dark Kingdom, all the while trying to find the lost princess.


The Exceeds: Fairy Tail

Photo by valeorie | cc
Photo by valeorie | cc

What would the dragon slayers be without their flying sidekicks?

Even though they were originally intended for evil purposes, the Exceeds grew into the trusted companions and guild members that this show’s protagonists have come to rely on.

Whether for convenient transportation or full-fledged combat the world of Fairy tail just wouldn’t be the same without the light humour and trusted aide of these cat-like characters.


Jiji: Kiki’s Delivery Service

Photo by|cc
Photo by | cc

Black cats are a symbol of superstition for many, so it comes as no surprise that this witch to be would have one of her own.

Jiji’s wisecracking demeanor could never overshadow his deep affection for Kiki.

Although their relationship takes a turn towards the end of the film, the love Jiji and Kiki share is something not easily forgotten, even as they forge their paths towards their future.


Kuro: Ao no Exorcist

Photo by | cc
Photo by | cc

The bond between this familiar and current companion, Rin Okumura extends much deeper than most would assume.

Joined in the loss of a loved on, Rin is the only person who comes to understand Kuro and the feelings the pair shared towards Shiro Fujimoto.

This relationship is forged after Rin returns Kuro from his enraged state following the news that his former companion had passed away.

Taking up with Rin, the two embark on their adventure with a new found support in each other’s company.


Arthur: Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

Photo by | cc
Photo by | cc

On the outside, it would seem that this cat and his owner Suzaku weren’t much in the way of companions.

While the latter always attempted a display of affection towards the feline, only to be rebuffed this love/hate relationship came to a very tragic end and its true nature was revealed.

With Suzaku presumed dead, Arthur could be found sitting at his gravesite as if protecting his former friend.


Beerus: Dragonball Z


This recently introduced cat-like character breaks most of the common feline tropes demonstrated in anime.

The ancient God of Destruction is one of the few opponents showed throughout the long run of this series to match and even surpass Goku’s power.

Sent on a rampage by a lack of pudding, this testy opponent makes the list of the most dangerous foes in the entire show.


Pizza Cats


Samurai Pizza cats was originally a Japanese show called Cat Ninja Legend Teyandee and was adapted for American audiences.




From the series Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki is a mix of a cat and rabbit. This little creature is responsible for quite a lot of havoc in the show, where a villain uses its power for evil.



Chi’s New Home


Chi is an adorable kitten living with a small family. Chi is adventurous, demanding, mischievous and fun. A very cute tv show with ultra mini episodes.



heathcliff the cat

Heathcliff is another mischevious cat who runs through the neighborhood botherin’ the milk man, local sanitation works and others. He looks a little like Garfield, except with more energy and less sarcasm.


Donyatsu (donut cats)

donyatsu cats

Art by RRART (Deviantartist)

The memory of this show will remain with most people. It’s a group of cats who are also donuts. The cats’ unusual shape and behavior make the brief episodes quite hilarious.




Sagwa is a playful girl Siamese cat that lives and learns with her family. In the show there are messages about family obligations and loyalty, told through stories and through her own life.


Eek the Cat

eek the cat

Eek is a mischievous cat that gets into more trouble than he should.  Eek puts the safety and comfort of others before his own, and this in turn leads to all manner of punishment for him.




Doraemon is based on an old Japanese manga series. Its protagonist is a young boy and Doraemon, a super robot who is also a cat.



Do you have a few favorites you’d like mentioned? Drop a comment below!

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