Top 10 Cat Breeds With Fluffy Coats

Just looking at a fluffy cat is calming. Holding and petting a fluffy cat is relaxing and peaceful. Although some fluff coated cat breeds need a lot of attention grooming, for the most part, fluffy cat breeds do not require much more attention than short haired cats.

Fluffy cat breeds tend to have sociable personalities and get a long well in any household.

Here are the top 10 cat breeds with fluff coats.

1. Himalayan

The Himalayan cat is one of the top breeds of cat with fluffy coats. A combination of the most consistently top rated breeds of Persian and Siamese, it is no wonder that the Himalayan is a popular cat. With thick, luxurious coats and sapphire eyes, the Himalayan has the best traits of both Persian and Siamese.

The temperament of the Himalayan cat is gentle like the Persian yet playful like the Siamese. Of course with such beautiful, thick hair, the Himalayan must be brushed regularly.

Photo by phunkstarr

2. Persian

The Persian is a breed that is often picked in the top of the cat breed lists. The cat has a docile, sweet personality that makes it a good companion.

Its soft white coat must be groomed but it is calming to stroke it. The Persian is a fluffy, gentle cat that makes a wonderful companion and addition to a household.

persian cat photo

3. Siberian

As its name suggests, Siberian cats were first bred in the rough, cold forests of Siberia. Because of this, Siberian cats are solidly built and robust. Their moisture repelling coats are thick on the entire cat including the chest, legs, ears, face and tails.

The fur is long, thick and dense, but surprisingly low maintenance. Siberian cats are calm yet can be energetic. They love to play and are interested in water. The smart Siberian is called the “gentle giant”.

siberian cat photo

4. Scottish Gold

The Scottish Gold breed is often described as a teddy bear. The coat is soft and fluffy although not long. The cat has big owl-like eyes, droopy ears and a pudgy face.

It is hard to resist cuddling with the Scottish Gold. Fortunately the breed is also gentle and friendly. The breed was bred with British and American Shorthair cats for a unique, playful and curious pet.

scottish cat photo

5. Birman

The Birman cat is similar to the Himalayan. It has a soft, luxurious coat and nice looking features including a small, puffy face. The coat is a single layer and does not tend to tangle or mat so it easy to keep groomed.

The Birman has a great personality that is social and adaptable. The Burmese built statues to honor the cats in Temples. Born with fully white coats, color starts to emerge as the Birman cat gets older. The cat’s paws remain white and are referred to as gloves.

birman cat photo

6. Ragdoll

As its name suggests, the Ragdoll cat is a big, fluffy and cuddly cat. The cat loves to roll around on the floor. The larger built cat has semi-long hair that is smooth and silky.

The coat comes in different color combinations and patterns. The Ragdoll loves to follow people around is sometimes referred to as a “puppy cat”. The soft fluffy coat is easy to groom with just a weekly comb.

ragdoll cat photo

7. Maine Coon

Maine Coon’s are large and unique looking cats. They appear like a “wild cat” with muscular build  and a full thick coat and bushy tail.

The Maine Coon has expressive and mesmerizing eyes and is friendly, social, easy going and smart. The cat was introduced in New York City in 1861 as Best Cat.

maine coon cat photo

8. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat has a double fluffy coat that is thick, long and silky. Because of the thickness of the coat, this breed may require professional grooming or at least daily grooming.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is independent yet social. The cat is muscular and athletic yet has a sweet, nurturing and affectionate personality and cuddles. It is believed that the breed was first seen in Norway thousands of years ago and is featured in Norse poetry and legends.

norwegian forest cat photo

9. Exotic Shorthair

Similar to the Persian, the Exotic Shorthair cat has a beautiful coat but does not require as much grooming. The cats are easy going and affectionate. Cuddly, the Exotic Shorthair is also active and playful making it a great family pet.

exotic shorthair cat photo

10. Turkish Van

The unique Turkish Van breed is all white with color only on the head and tail. The cat was bred using several breeds native to Turkey. The single coat of hair is unique as there is no undercoat.

It is soft and feels like cashmere. The cats are great hunters and active. They are also sweet and gentle.

turkish van cat photo

Fluff cats make wonderful companions and house pets. The soft hair can be short or long. It can be soft or silky.

Some fluffy coated cat breeds require more grooming than non-fluffy coated breeds, but grooming can be an opportunity to sit and be still with these amazing cats. Cats with fluffy coats are eye catching and make great additions to the household.

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