Tiny Balls of Fur

Adorable and funny cat videos are taking the internet by storm. They are one of the single most searched for thing online. And why not? They are absolutely irresistible and adorable!

smiling cat photo

Photo by Trish Hamme

The only things searched for as much as videos featuring cats would be actors and stars or news stories that people missed on their local news channels the night before. The cat videos are consistently on that list where as the actors are different people every week.

People everyday just point their phones or cameras at these fury little guys and shoot. The end result? Entertaining videos that range any where from 30 seconds to some that go for two hours!

Cat videos are so plentiful that they are easiest thing to find online, whether you use a normal search engine or just go straight to Youtube or check your Facebook and Twitter feeds, you will find them. The videos are there for all to see and enjoy and they are plentiful. It seems there are more each and every day. As long as there are cats there will be cat related videos.

cat youtube photo

Photo by avantexgarde

The videos themselves range in content. Some have cats just doing normal cat things like seeking attention or eating or sleeping. Some videos take those every day actions and add special effects to them to make them into something else, like an epic light saber duel made from a video of two kittens playing together.

And other videos feature cats doing slightly abnormal things like getting there heads stuck in sandals or taking an accidental dip in the fish tank and getting stuck in window blinds. From nerdy to normal, from silly to simple there is quite the range on these videos and it is safe to say that there is a video featuring a cat or two for everyone.

Many people find fame from videos or pictures featuring their cats. Grumpy Cat is an excellent example of this, and all she did was look on with her neutral expression.

cat grumpy photo

Photo by wackyvorlon

All these cats who find themselves in videos are guilty of is being themselves, and in return it lands them internet fame for thirty seconds or more. Either way people are constantly enjoying media involving our feline friends.

The list of videos grows daily, their likes, views, shares and tweets steadily increase and people are constantly enjoying them. Meows and fur dance across our computer, phone and tablet screens at regular intervals.

We share them with friends and family members. They are all over social media, with more shares and likes then Justin Beiber and the Kardashians. And they are all over our hearts, taking over every where and we willingly accept them.

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