The Tiniest Cats Around Town

Cats are often cute, but they’re even more adorable when they’re, well, adorably small. Here are 5 of the tiniest cat breeds in the world sure to induce an overdose of cute. Because with a small body, comes a huge personality.

Maine Coon kitten

First up is the Cornish Rex. According to the Cat Fanciers Association, this breed first emerged in Cornwall England in 1950. A kitten with strange features was discovered intertwined with his brothers and sisters in his litter of barn kittens.

The kitten, to be later named Kallibunker, was covered in short, right rows of curls and possessed a rather large set of ears. As Kallibunker grew, his frame became more slender, but he did not grow to be very tall. The genetics that were a fluke in this historic litter were soon duplicated in cats from generation to generation, leading to the Cornish Rex breed that is known today. Although they are small, the Cornish Rex cats are very active and playful, and they love a good game of fetch.

Next in the list of the smallest cat breeds is the ever-popular American Curl. PetMD suggests that this breed emerged in California in the 1980’s when two cats with very different, distinct markings bred. These tiny cats are known for their affectionate nature. The American Curl is notable for being great with families and small children, due to their small stature and calm temperament.

American Curl

Another small cat breed is the Singapura. These cats, often considered the smallest breed in the world, weigh in at as little as 4 pounds, according to This breed originated in their namesake city, Singapore, in the 1970’s. Singapura cats are known for their mischievous ways and high pitched meows. A little cat has to be met with a little voice.

A crowd favorite when it comes to small cat breeds is the Munchkin cat. This breed is documented as early as 1930’s England, but its true origin is unknown. These adorable creatures are known for their short legs and sweet demeanors. Munchkin cats are much like your ordinary cats. They like to play and climb, but their short height hinders activity on occasion.

Munchkin cat

Last but not least on this list of the tiniest cats is the Devon Rex. Many consider this breed to be more dog than cat due to their extreme devotion and loyalty to their owners. This breed never wants to leave the side of their human, needing to engage in every possible activity together. They are deeply passionate and cuddly, despite their almost alien looking physique. These small cats are from origins unknown, but they are around to stay.

People say dynamite comes in small packages, and they couldn’t be more right when it comes to the tiniest cat breeds around the world. These cats are the most adorable breeds in the business, and they are sure to make perfect pets for any cat lover. Whether it is the curly haired Cornish Rex or the short legged Munchkin Cat, these precious little ones pack a huge punch.


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