The Smallest Domesticated Cat Breeds

There are two trains of thought concerning which domesticated cat breeds are the smallest.

Some cat fancier organizations prefer to list only those which have been approved for competition in cat exhibitions. While others include some of the rare new breeds that are emerging from selective breeding programs. The most popular breeds are those that are best known, and these according to Pets4Homes UK, include five favorites which are all recognized breeds.

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The Singapura is given the place of smallest cat worldwide. These tiny cats range in size from four to eight pounds. They had their origins in American cats which were imported to and bred in Singapore. Once the breed was established, primarily in Japan, the general public began to learn of this delicate cat. It is related very closely to the Abysinnian cat.

The American Curl, the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex, and the Munchkin breeds all follow after the Singapura in terms of size. They are diminutive breeds with varied colors and temperaments, but are accepted by the major cat fancier associations.

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These three newer breeds are still emerging:

According to International Cat Care the Kinkalow, at 3 to 7 pounds, is a mixture between a Munchkin and an American Curl. The cats that result from this pairing, have the short legs of the Munchkin breed, which sometimes result in discomfort in joints and leg deformities that cause restriction of normal movement. They also have the curled ears of the American Curl, which require extra care to clean and may suffer cartilage defects. This organization recognizes the breeders’ interest in this mix, but does ”not condone” the breed.

Photo by @bestcatsmoscow
Photo by @bestcatsmoscow

The Napoleon is a cross between a Persian and a Munchkin. This cats that are born from this cross have the short legs distinctive of the Munchkin, with the flat faces common to the Persian. International Cat Care is concerned that the common flat faced cat disorders can make caring for the Napoleon difficult. Some of the problems noted are tear ducts that run and stain abnormally, potential problems with eating and drinking due to the flattened facial structure and increase chances for eye infections.

The Lambkin is a mix between a Munchkin and the Selkirk Rex, which is known for its crimped fur and often whiskers. These cats can be difficult to groom because the wiry fur lacks normal skin oil distribution. Owners must use care to brush and groom them, and use sunblock during the summer.

Photo by Nikolas Titkov CC
Photo by Nikolas Titkov CC

Purrfect Cat Breeds notes that the top contender for smallest domesticated cat breed, the Singapura, though rare in North America, is listed on the CFA roster as the United States’ 32nd most popular cat. It is an intelligent, hardy and fun loving cat. It is officially accepted by The International Cat Fanciers Association and the American Cat Fanciers Association. Though miniature in size, its adorable cheetah like coloring and playful, friendly nature are making it very popular with many families.


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