The Handsome Tuxedo Cat Patterns & Characteristics

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Tuxedo cats look like they are always ready for a formal engagement. With their black body and white chest, tuxedo cats always look good. Tuxedo cats are believed to be regal and highly intelligent based on the way their coats are patterned. If you want an elegant and beautiful cat, tuxedo is the cat for you.

Gloves are optional, not worn on all occasions.

First of all, it is important to realize that tuxedo is not a breed of a cat, it is a coat pattern.

Tuxedo cats can and do come in a variety of breeds, purebred and mixed breeds. There are breeds, however that are more apt to have tuxedos in them than others. Those breeds are the Manx, the Scottish Fold, American Short Hair, Siberian, Exotic Short Hari, and Persian.

They can also be found in these breeds: LaPerm, Munchkin, American Curl Sphynx, and Devon Rex. You can learn about them here.


Why are they called Tuxedos?

Tuxedo cats are so called because of their black over white bodies. The typical tuxedo cat has a black body with a white chest and white paws.

Some tuxedo cats have markings on their faces that resemble mustaches and can either be white or black markings. These markings are sometimes called kilters. Kilters give tuxedo cats a very intelligent and elegant look.

You could image a tuxedo cat with a kilter being the host of an exclusive black tie party. The rarest of the tuxedo cats are called black ties. These tuxedo cats have a black spot on their chest that resembles a bow tie.

If you found a black tie cat, you would want to take it home with you, black ties are said to be lucky cats and will bring wealth to their homes. Talk about a keeper! Tuxedo cats are bicolored, meaning they have two colors (black and white). They are said to be more intelligent that other cat breeds and are very relaxed and happy cats.

Some tuxedo cats are famous. Remember Bill Clinton’s cat, Socks? He was a tuxedo. So are Sylvester from Looney Tunes, Felix the Cat, and the Cat in the Hat.

black kitty with moustache

Here is a picture of a tuxedo cat that has a distinctive mustache, this Hipster Kitty. There’s also Hamilton who also sports a mustache.

Here is a picture of the classic tuxedo cat, times two.

Here is a picture of a tuxedo cat who looks like he is wearing a ninja mask.

Here is a picture of a tuxedo cat showing off his white belly.

And another.

Here is a picture of a tuxedo cat with a white face.

Here is a picture of a tuxedo cat with an unusual swirl pattern: scroll down a bit.

Here is a picture of a tuxedo kitten.

Here is a picture of two tuxedo cats with two very different patterns.

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