The Cat’s Guide to The Galaxy – Part 1

cats guide to the galaxy

Check your breath before negotiations

shock at something

Focus! Focus! Focus!

stare cats

If you’re taken by surprise by your own mistake, don’t look back

too late now

Grooming storms come unexpectedly on any planet

accept brushins

Beat giant foes with tireless cuteness

act tough

Pounce readiness is key to survival in the galaxy

always ready to pounce

Be flexible on all terrain, it will serve you well

be flexible

All space warriors must train

being clean

Slip away with dignity, even if you’ve lost

cautious slip couch

Try before you buy, take a test bite

check if tasty

Do not fear, join the brave with boldness

check things out

Trade with precision and prudence


Like a flowing faucet, opportunity and danger is rife in the galaxy; stay sharp

drink water when it runs

Celebrate team victories with a groove


Obey speeding laws on land and in space

drive safe

Food won’t last forever, eat nimbly

eat faster

Appear fearless

elegantly fail

Hang with your buds

hang out

A smushy wet nose wins friends in the galaxy


Don’t mock a friend in need – they may become your worst enemy

maru reaction

Take on a challenge your own size

pick enemies your own size

Pirate? Beggar? King? Walk with confidence, whatever ye be


Surprise your foes with subtlety

pop box

Flattery is a dangerous road to pride


Train your humans before a battle

train humans

Flee politics and funny hair


Take care of your friends like family, they’ll help you in the galaxy

turn the other cheek

Control your anger

use your powers

END OF PART 1 of The Cat’s Guide to the Galaxy. 

May the Galaxy be Kind to You!

may the galaxy be kind to you

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