How to Take a Good Picture of Your Cat

cats and camera photo
Photo by Pete Slater

Some cats, though they are adorable in person, just seem to not be very photogenic.

If you find that all of the pictures of your cat turn out poorly, you may just need to try a different technique when snapping photos of your feline friend.

Here are a few tips on how to take a good picture of your cat.


Bribe your cat with a treat.

cats and treats photo
Photo by RCB

Treats make cats happy and content, which helps them hold still for photos so they aren’t just a blur in the picture. Start by giving your cat a treat or two, allowing her to settle down.

Then, hold a treat above the camera or wherever you want the cat to look for the picture. If your cat starts to grow impatient, give her another treat and start the process over again.

You can also give the cat a break and come back later.


Be stealthy.

cats and treats photo
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A lot of cats will run away if confronted by a camera or other types of commotion. There are two ways to sneak a photo of your cat without her becoming startled.

The first is to take your shoes off and sneak up on your cat, with your camera ready by your face to frame the shot. Sneak up to her without startling her to take a photo.

If your cat has sensitive hearing so that sneaking by her won’t work, just use the zoom function on your camera. Sit in a spot far away from the cat so that she doesn’t grow suspicious, and zoom the camera to get a great picture.


Wait until the cat is sleeping, or at least very relaxed.

cats and treats photo
Photo by Chrismatos

Trying to photograph your cat when she is being active can be difficult.

Most cats look the sweetest and most photogenic when they are sleeping or relaxing.

To induce this sleep state, play with your cat until she tires out, then go grab your camera and wait for the sleepiness to set in.


Take photos during the day to take advantage of natural light, and do not use the flash on your camera.

happy cat photo
Photo by Trish Hamme

Not only does the camera flash startle cats, but it can also give their eyes a creepy glow in the photos. To avoid this, take advantage of daylight.

Cats often enjoy sitting in sunny spots during the day anyway, so all you have to do is take the opportunity for a photo when you see it.


Patience is key.

Don’t ever try to force your cat to pose a certain way for a photo.

Just keep your camera handy at all times, and watch your cat patiently for the perfect photo opportunity. By following these tips, you’re sure to be able to take stunning pictures of your adorable cat, even if you don’t own an expensive camera.


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