Why do they say that Cats have 9 Lives?

cats with 9 lives photo
Photo by PetraBlahoutova | cc

Most people who own a cat have heard of the saying that “cats have nine lives.”

The question that lingers though is whether this is true, just a myth or possibly a bit of both? If this is something you have wondered about, you’re in the right place…

cats with 9 lives photo
Photo by jurvetson

In searching the word “cats” on YouTube, you will discover over 13 million videos.  Some will make you cry, others will make you smile, but most will make you burst with so much laughter that those around you would want to share in the moment.

In watching these videos you will see how cats can get in and out of a variety of situations that borderline crazy and impossible.

It is simply amazing to see how high they can climb, how far they can jump and how many times their lives should have ended, but didn’t.

cats with 9 lives photo
Photo by bradleygee

It is exactly these kinds of acrobatics that have fashioned the saying that cats have nine lives. A cat falls out of a tree and firmly land on its paws.

If a dog should fall out of a tree there will be serious repercussions, due to their less flexible joints. The chances of a dog landing on all fours are so slim that it must be why it is not in their nature to climb trees, roofs or walls, like cats.

You do get some cats that have fallen from high angles and have broken a bone of some sort, yet they have been fortunate enough to purr the tale to the neighboring pets.

cats with 9 lives photo
Photo by sam651030 | cc

Even though cats have proven to live through several dangerous situations, the fact remains that they do only live one life (just like every other animal).

For those who want to believe that their cats will outlive one life by nine it is, unfortunately, not true.

Their suppleness, however, has on many occasions helped them land on their paws, which have added fuel to the “nine lives” myth.

Do not let this news discourage you though, because cats can live long, healthy and happy lives. Some have even lived for an odd twenty years.

You just need to give them quality food, fresh water and your unconditional love every day.

Also let them get enough beauty sleep, which is basically what their lives consist of – eat, drink, purr, sleep and occasionally leaving their paw prints in the dirt, as they leap or fall from some crazy height.

cats with 9 lives photo
Photo by Schmid-Reportagen | cc

Your cat may only have one life but rest assured that it is more than enough for him or her to get into plenty of life changing moments!

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