Possibly The Cutest Cat Breeds On The Planet

persian kittens photo


By far the cutest of cat breeds has to be the Persian. This cat is described aptly by The Cat Fanciers’ Association as having ‘luxurious coats and open pansy-like faces’.

The Persian’s face has a look of innocence and surprise and this may probably be one of the reasons for its cuteness.

Don’t be fooled by this look. The Persian is just as mischievous as any other cat: getting themselves locked in cupboards or stuck on rooftops. It also takes a lot of time and effort to keep their coat in such an immaculate condition.

If neglected, the Persian can quickly resemble a knotted mop-head. It is, therefore, important to remember before falling prey to their cuteness that they will require daily grooming and lots of love and attention.

ragamuffin photo


The RagaMuffin can be easily confused with a Persian by amateur cat-lovers because of their long hair. The difference is in the face.

A RagaMuffin does not have the squashed pansy-like face but does have large expressive eyes.

They are renowned for being extremely docile and sociable. They’re featured on many cat posters and calendars, especially as kittens.

According to the UK RagaMuffin Cat Society, their breed came into existence by chance during the 1960s when Ann Baker was caring for a litter of feral kittens.

She found homes for them but because the owners commented on how sweet and sociable they were, Ann decided to breed them.

RagaMuffins characteristically flop in your arms which makes them so cuddly and cute.

ragdoll photo


RagaMuffins are related to another cute cat known as the Ragdoll. The Ragdoll is also very docile and were also bred by Ann Baker in California.

According to The International Cat Association, the Ragdoll is a very quiet and laidback cat that lives up to its reputation by being able to be carried around like a child’s doll.

The Ragdoll has medium-length hair which is easy to groom and big blue eyes. They are ideally suited to families and will adapt very quickly to a welcoming home.

siamese cat photo


The Siamese cat may not appear to be as cute as the Persian, Ragamuffin or Ragdoll but it has other ways of capturing your heart.

Siamese cats are highly intelligent and not easily fooled, especially when it comes to taking them to the vets.

Petmd.com describes the Siamese as a ‘born chatterbox’ and a very social breed. They do require constant company and for this reason they are best suited to those working from home or a family. They soon become one of the family by reminding their owners of their presence and joining in on conversations with their comical and distinctive variations of meow.

They can be recognised by their blue eyes, large ears and the pale colour of their coat on most of their body and the darker colouring on their extremities. They are named seal, chocolate, blue or lilac point according to the colouring of the pale part of their coat.

siberian cat photo

Finally, it is worth mentioning Siberian cats of Russian origin. According to The Cat Fanciers’ Association they feature in Russian fairy tales and children’s stories.

The Siberian Cat Club describes the Siberian as having a beautiful medium-haired coat which changes colours with the seasons.

The Siberian is often used in shows and come in different colours from black to tabby.

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