Playful Cat Contest – Win a Cat Toy!

Playful Cat Contest - Contest #1


1. Record a good video of your cat playing and upload to your Youtube channel you-tube-icon-16x16 . 

2. Post a link to your video on our Facebook fan page.

3. We will select the best playful cat video and send this cat toy to the winner.

The contest will end Saturday 2nd 2015 at 11:59PM PST.



This colorful, feathered cat toy was hand-made for ONE winner of the Playful Cat Contest. Only the person who makes the best cat video will recieve this toy.

(Although the toy is one-of-a-kind, if you want a toy like it, leave us a comment below or on Facebook – we will let the maker know!)



By participating and submitting ANY link to our contest, you freely allow us to use your video as a feature on our site, Facebook and social profiles anywhere on the web for the promotion of We may upload the video to our website from your Youtube channel in order to share it with everyone on our site.



For a better chance at winning the contest, please ensure you do the following:

  • Have good lighting
  • Use your best camera (not low quality phone cameras)
  • Clean the play area
  • Have fun playing with your cat and have someone hold the camera steady!
  • If your cat doesn’t want to play or be on camera, please let them be.


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