Brown Tabby Persian (2) CORNELIUS

Persians are most loved and well-known for their long luxurious coats. Medium sized with short heavily-boned legs, they are not the most agile cats and are not known for high jumping and climbing. They prefer to drape themselves on your furniture for all to admire. Besides the long hair the most recognized feature is their wide head, small ears, large eyes and very short muzzle.

There are two varieties:

Traditional Persian, also known as “Doll Face”, have a longer muzzle and nose and therefore has fewer health problems than Peked Faced Persians. Although the nose is usually still shorter than most cat breeds. The coat comes in all colors and patterns.

Brown Tabby Persian (3) CORNELIUS

The Extreme Persian has a very short “pushed in nose” The nose is often aligned directly between its eyes. This results in shortened tear ducks that drain directly onto the face which can cause staining and respiratory problems. These faces require regular cleaning to prevent eye staining and infections. The more extreme the face the greater the risk of health problems.

The most important thing to consider before getting a Persian is the grooming maintenance for its coat. Daily brushing is best to prevent mats and more intensive weekly and monthly grooming sessions are needed to maintain the beauty and health of the coat.

Other special care considerations are shallow food bowls, careful selection of litter to avoid litter sticking to hair, trimming of the sanitary area for cleanliness and of course consistent grooming to prevent mats and hairballs. These cats should be kept indoors for their own safety. They are also prone to Polycystic Kidney Disease. If getting a Persian from a breeder you should make sure both parents have been tested negative for PKD.

Brown Tabby Persian (4) CORNELIUS

They are calm friendly cats that are well suited for family and apartment life. Playful, sweet and gentle they thrive on being the center of a safe loving home. If you can commit to the extra maintenance of this stunning cat they will decorate your home with their beauty and make a loving loyal family member.

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