How Often Should I play Games With My Cat?

From a wide eyed ball of scurrying, exploitative fun, your kitten will mature into a superb, haughty, independent cat and you can rest assured she will retain her passion for games well into old age.

Because all cats are equipped with a strong instinct to hunt, playing gives them an essential outlet.

She will enjoy watching a string sneaking across the floor as you gently pull it and with frolicking eyes, she’ll follow the rapid bounce of a soft toy on the end of a stick.

cat and owner playing photo
Photo by DDFic

But don’t expect her to cooperate with you for much longer than a few minutes. Interaction is as vital as air to your cat but your games need to be short bursts of fun rather than long drawn out sessions.


Cats become bored quickly and with a flick of her tail, she will up and leave you holding the string. And while you’re sitting there feeling like a complete idiot, she’ll disappear without even saying “thanks for the game!”

She doesn’t have an endless supply of stamina and she needs her “me” time just like you do.

She prefers to spend a good part of her day curled up like a circular sheaf of silken fur until dinner time.

cat and owner playing photo
Photo by Takashi(aes256)

Your cat has a subtle way of requesting a game as she reaches with a paw that catches your trousers as you walk past her.

She might adopt a rather mischievous expression as she stares at you with owl-like eyes before she pounces.

Or she’ll ambush you from behind the sofa, striking like a whip snake before she darts across the room only to peek at you from another hiding place.


Don’t be disappointed if you’re ready to play and she has a sudden change of mind. Her kind has been mislabelled as being aloof but she’s really not.

She’s just letting you know she is not interested in anything in particular right now. She’ll be back for more games in her own time.

cat and owner playing photo
Photo by Wonderlane

The moments you spend playing with your cat will vary according to her time table but you can always rely on her ability to make you laugh with her antics.


She’ll take you into her world and make you her own and on those occasions when she brings you a gift from her heart and leaves a poor exhausted, near dead mouse at your feet, praise her and listen out for her purr of appreciation.

These gifts are her way of telling you she’s grateful for those times you’ve invested in her happiness and well being.

cat and owner playing photo
Photo by steevithak

The happiest animal in all creation is a cat that has experienced human intervention.

Activities that have provided you both with precious moments of entertainment since she was a kitten are your own personal array of delightful rewards.

happy cat photo
Photo by panli54

She loves you; she loves her games and she will spoil you with moments filled with your contagious laughter.

These precious moments you share are your deserved blessing all the days of the rest of her life.

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