How to Litter Train Your Cat

Cats naturally like to relieve themselves in the sand. They also easily adapt to changes hence trainable. If you train them on using a litter box, they are likely to get used and change their earlier relieving mechanisms. Most cats learn from their mother how to use a litter box at a young age. However, if you adopt a feral or stray cat they may not know how to use one. Let’s look at how to litter train your cat.


Take Note of your Cat’s Schedule

In most cases, cats relieve themselves after eating, sleeping, or playing. Learning your cat’s schedule gives you an idea when he/she is likely to poop or pee and you can direct him to use the litter box.


Play / Stay Near the Box

Many cats usually eliminate after running around or playing. The process can be facilitated by playing with the cat near the litter box. Ensure the room you are in is locked to prevent the cat from going to eliminate somewhere else. Moreover, you can bring in cat toys that the cat can pounce and chase until he/ she feels like excreting. When you notice the cat is about to relieve himself you can direct him to the box or place him inside the box.


Teach the Cat What to Do

If the cat had never used a litter box before, he has to be direct and shown how to use it. This can be easily done by, putting the cat inside the box when he is about to eliminate, teach him how to dig, allow him to eliminate, and teach him how to cover his waste. This may take a while, but eventually, the cat will get used and adapt. As you dig and bury the waste, it is advisable you use finger since using the cat paw may make the cat anxious or frightened.


Take Care of the Litter Box

Choose the clumping litter for your box because it’s easy to dig. The amount of litter should be appropriate not too much and not less. Ensure the litter box is clean so that the cat can be comfortable. A dirty litter box is one of the reasons cats eliminate outside the box. Moreover, cat poo has a bad smell so having its stored for long will also be uncomfortable for you. Clumped liquid waste and solid should be scooped on daily basis. The box should be washed once per week and dried afterward.

In conclusion, litter training is one of the necessities when you have a cat. It is easy but takes time before the cat can fully use the box without guidance. It is a mechanism of preventing your cat from relieving himself all over the house. The litter box should be kept clean to ensure the cat is comfortable when using it. If you live in a big house, you can have more than one litter box. They can be placed in various rooms which will make it easy for the cat to relieve himself.

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