A List of 2016 Cat Breeds

Photo by ecodallaluna
Photo by ecodallaluna


asian cat photo
Photo by ironypoisoning

Arabian Mau: natural green-eyed short-haireds

Birman: Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) recognized colorpoints

Burmese: short-haired intelligent, affectionate cats

Donskoy: hairless breed from Russia’s Rostov-on-Don

Dragon Li: Chinese natural breed of short-haired striped tabbies

Japanese Bobtail: silky-coated breed found in many colors

Kurilian Bobtail: Russia’s Kuril Islands’ natural breed

Khao Manee: natural odd-eye breed from Thailand

Korat: Thailand’s CFA-recognized silver-tipped blues

Mekong Bobtail: Russian natural/mutation colorpoint short-haireds

Persian: the popular long-haireds

Peterbald: hairless result of crossbreeding Russian Donskoys/Oriental Shorthairs

Raas: “Madura Cat” natural short-haired Indonesian breed

Russian Blue: gentle CFA-recognized breed favored by Russian Czars

Sam Sawet: Thailand’s new short-haired breed

Siamese: classic CFA-recognized breed

Siberian: long-haired semi-cobby Russian breed

Singapura: Singapore’s controversial short-hairs

Suphalak: Thailand’s natural copper-colored golden-eyed breed

Thai: natural colorpoint short-haired breed

Turkish Angora: outgoing with gorgeous semi-long coats

Turkish Van: rare semi-long-haired Southeastern Turkey breed



Abyssinian cat photo

Abyssinian: natural CFA-recognized breed with short, ticked coats

Egyptian Mau: short-haired with “scarab” markings on forehead

Sokoke: Kenya’s natural short-haired ticked tabbies

Somali: long-haired Abyssinians



russian white cat photo
Photo by Frankly PM

Australian Mist: short-haired with spotted/marbled coats

Russian White/Tabby/Black: short-haired crossbreed from Russian Blues



burmilla cat photo
Photo by Nickolas Titkov

Aegean: Greece’s Cycladic Islands’ new tri-color semi-long-haireds

Asian: British-developed Burmese-like breed

Asian Semi-Longhair: UK crossbreed with solid-color coats

British Shorthair: stocky CFA-recognized breed

British Longhair: fairly new breed originating from British Shorthairs

Burmilla: UK’s crossbreed Chinchilla Persian/Burmese mix

Chartreux: rare French natural breed with dense-coated cobby bodies

Chausie: French hybrids with ticked, short coats

Cornish Rex: UK’s curly-coated slender, active mutation

Cymric: Manx longhair (natural/mutation breed)

Cyprus: unofficial landrace breed of lean, powerful cats

Devon Rex: UK’s intelligent Oriental curly-coated mutation

European Shorthair: Finland/Sweden’s stocky domestic breed

German Rex: East Germany’s mutation Rex breed

Havana Brown: UK’s crossbreed of Siamese/black cats

Highlander: short-haired Scottish crossbreed

Manx: Isle of Man’s tail-less breed

Norwegian Forest Cat: long-haired cold-loving breed

Scottish Fold: natural/mutation short-haired breed with folded ears

Selkirk Rex: UK’s curley-coated long- and short-coated breed

Serrade Petit: France’s latest unofficial short-haired breed

Ukrainian Levkoy: hairless breed with inward-folding ears


North Americas

bengal cat photo
Photo by roberto shabs

American Bobtail: CFA-recognized mutation breed

American Curl: curled-ear mutation breed

American Shorthair: CFA-recognized natural breed with striking coats

American Wirehair: curley-coated Rex mutation

Balinese: Oriental/Thai stock long-haired crossbreed

Bambino: small, hairless Sphynx/Munchkin crossbreed

Bengal: short-haired hybrids with marbled/spotted coats

Bombay: crossbreed from Burmese/black American Shorthairs

California Spangled: crossbreed with short and spotted coats

Chantilly-Tiffany: gorgeous long-hairs believed extinct until 1967

Exotic Shorthair: shorthaired cobby-bodied Persians

Foldex Cat: folded-ear Canadian short-haired crossbreed

Javanese: Oriental colorpoint crossbreeds

LaPerm: Rex mutations found in all colors

Lykoi: new “werewolf-faced” Tennessee breed

Maine Coon: huge, heavy-coated hunting cats

Munchkin: short-legged mutations

Nebelung: rare grey-blue-coated Russian-Blue-like breed

Ocicat: short-haired, spotted breed resembling Ocelots

Ojoz Azules: new breed with dark blue eyes

Pixie-Bob: natural breed with short, spotted coats

Ragamuffin: Ragdoll variant with thick, long fur

Ragdoll: long-haired blue-eyed colorpoints

Savannah: large hybrids with short, spotted coats

Serengeti: crossbreeds from Oriental Shorthairs/Bengals

Snowshoe: rare white-pawed Siamese crossbreed

Sphynx: stocky Canadian hairless mutation

Tonkinese: Canada’s short-haired Siamese/Burmese crossbreed

Toyger: created breed resembling toy tigers


South America:

Brazilian Shorthair: natural breed found in all colors

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