Kitten Care: Can I feed baby formula to my kitten?

Kitten Specials feeding kitten baby human formula

If you have recently begun to care for your kitten(s) or plan on caring for kittens, you may be wondering what kinds of foods are appropriate. A kitten milk replacement will be better for your kitten than human baby formula because it will have the nutrients that your kitten needs. Also, human baby formula can give your kitten diarrhea which will dehydrate them. It would be more suitable to give the kittens the kitten formula (powder KMR is advised):

feeding a kitten human formula blog feeding a kitten human formula


This video on YouTube will be very helpful to you, so please watch:

This video helps you identify the age of your kitten and how often you will have to feed your kitten. It will instruct you on how to keep your kitten warm and if its mother has abandoned it. And more….

  • Human baby formula NOT RECOMMENDED for feeding kittens
  • Use Human baby formula only in an EMERGENCY ONE-TIME feeding scenario, then find KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement, formula for kittens, canned food for kittens, etc)
  • Use Low-Iron baby formula if you do use it


Resources on Feeding Kittens Formula

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  1. I adopted a two days old kitten, and used the KMR formula, the results are amazing, she is 13 weeks old now, and healthy and active

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