Imogap 24-Hour THRAG Game-a-Thon


Hi Friends!

Imogap – The Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery of Beaverton, Oregon is having a game-a-thon to help sustain their non-profit operation.

They’re a fun, relaxed gaming museum focused solely on board games. Their collection contains over 4,400 games and it’s the only museum of its kind in the US that let’s people come in and play! Other private collections don’t let the public play their games.

Unfortunately, they’ve been struggling to stay open due to a grants issue this year and need the friendship of volunteers and people like yourself.

T.H.R.A.G. 24-Hour Game-a-Thon starts September 17th at 12PM PST-Pacific Standard Time and will be live streamed on two channels– they will have a lot of board game action for everyone, so tune in! It’s to help raise the funds needed to keep their lease and expand their board game collection.

Address: Imogap – 8231 SW Cirrus Drive, Beaverton OR 97008

Watch Twitch Livestream: Twitch Channel

Watch Youtube Livestream: Youtube Channel

Become a Patreon: Support Imogap’s Patreon

If you miss the streams, be sure to check out their Youtube channel for archived broadcasts of the event. Below you’ll find the complete schedule for the 24 hour event.


Lots of board games will be raffled off at the 24-Hour game-a-thon. Here’s a local news station’s coverage of the event – thanks to KOIN TV:


Youth groups and geeks come to hang out, but that’s not the only crowd that enjoys Imogap….tumblr_inline_od0paiiykz1r9sldp_540

Older folks love the museum and come in regularly to try ol’ classics like Monopoly.tumblr_inline_od0pa5vypg1r9sldp_540

Kids love the vast collection of board games at Imogap. It’s got a great atmosphere of learning, fun and has a historic exhibit area, too.trump-really

Trump is in the news, and he happens to have a board game. Whowouldathunk? The man holding the game is Kyle, he’s the curator of the museum with wife, Carol. They do a wonderful job of managing the place, making everyone feel relaxed and playing games.

24-Hour Game-a-Thon Schedule:


Here are a few of the games you can find at Imogap:


They have a few cat board games for those of you who like to play cute cat-themed games.20160909_122256

Thank you guys for all your help with Imogap! They’re a great place for people of all ages. =)

Watch Twitch Livestream: Twitch Channel

Watch Youtube Livestream: Youtube Channel

Become a Patreon: Support Imogap’s Patreon

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