Identify Your Cat’s Breed in Under 10 Minutes

forest cat1 Identify Your Cats Breed in Under 10 Minutes

If you’re like the millions of cat owners in the galaxy that don’t know a thing about the breed of your cat, you’re in luck. Lots of people are looking for the name of their cat’s breed and… they’re finding it! With this guide, you too can discover you cat’s breed. There’s a couple of ways to do this, but let’s start out with doing it all by yourself:

1) Get a full-body picture of your cat on your computer screen, or in your hand.

2) Take a good look and pick out one of your cat’s features that is really unique — that one feature which you really admire, perhaps those dainty white paws or the elongated nose of your furry feline pal — this is going to be key to how fast you can identify your cat’s breed.

Pick out something that isn’t too common to other breeds of cats; too many toes would be a unique feature, while a fur pattern might not be. It depends on how common it seems to you. Still, mentally jot that down, e.g,: “my cat has short, grey-white tabby fur”

3) Use Google to look for that feature – be sure to include your term and add “Cat breed” “Breed” “cat type” to the search

For example:

“long fur, gray and white cat” + “what breed is my cat”

“black and white coat” + “cat breed”

“furless cat” +  “breeds”

“many-toed” + “cat breed”


4) Narrow down the features to match the description of your “final contender” cat breed.

If your cat has features that don’t add up to a breed, or they are a mixture of many breeds and you can’t pin it down – you may have a very common cat breed, that is, it isn’t purebred. This simply means that your cat may not be classifiable as a particular purebreed.

5) Check in with our Facebook page if you’re having doubts and have the community chime in to help you determine the breed.

6) You’ve identified your cat breed!! Now go tell everybody what breed your cat is. Congratulations!


If you’ve followed along with these steps, you’ve done well. For those of you who don’t have the time you can do it even faster: First, take a good picture of your cat  and submit it here. We’ll send you the breed of your cat by email within 1-2 days — and you’ll be done with the research part in oh what, 2 minutes.  Pretty cool, right?

Let us know what you think we could add to this guide, or leave us a comment regarding what tips you’ve found useful in your cat breed search.

As always, thanks for all your comments : )

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