What Are Hybrid Cat Breeds?

Research shows the sheer demand for hybrid cat breed continue to rise. Wild cat breeds are large, exotic, and beautiful.

These three characteristics seem to intrigue feline lovers around the globe. A hybrid cat is the closest thing one can get to when it comes to a domesticated wild breed.


What are hybrid cats?

These unique cats are created by pairing two different breeds of cat.

Hybrids can be a mixture of wild cat and a domestic cat. They can also be a cross between two different domestic breeds.


Cat hybrids are very intelligent, curious and energetic. Their unique appearance helps them stand out.

Hybrids have multiple colors and patterning to their beautiful coats. They come in different sizes.

Some breeders focus on producing small breeds, while other breeders concentrate on producing larger breeds.


Hybrid cat breeds have not been around for a long time. Many pet magazines are now starting to shed light on them.

Some hybrids are officially recognized by feline registries, yet new breeds are not being acknowledged.

savannah cat photo
Photo by will.wade|cc

Hybrids have a unique personality that can overwhelm any feline lover.

Their personality is influenced by the qualities inherited from their parentage. It may seem shocking, but the A1 Savannah is one of the friendliest pets around today.

One must also keep in mind that other types of hybrid breeds will show the physical traits of their wild side.

Hybrid Breed Categories

In some instances, hybrid cats can come from natural circumstances. Natural hybrids can come from the mating of a feral domestic feline and a wild cat.

Hybrids can also be a mixture of two different species of wild cat. Hybrid cats can also be man-made.

Some breeders specialize in pairing two different types of domestic breeds in controlled environments.


There are three hybrid breed categories. A wild feline crossed with another species of wild cat, a wild cat crossed with a domestic feline, and a domestic breed crossed with another domestic breed.


Here are some of the most popular domestic mixes around today:

-Tonkinese Cat

-Ocicat Cat

-Havana Brown Cat

-Oriental Shorthair Cat


Here are some of the most popular domestic and wild cat mixes around today:

-Savannah Cat

-Bengal Cat

-Pixie Bob Cat

bengal cat photo
Photo by roberto shabs|cc

Are Hybrid Breeds Suitable for Everyone?

Hybrids breeds are ideal for some people, but they are not suitable for everyone. It is imperative for you to get acquainted with the breed’s standard requirements and behavior before purchasing one.


What are hybrid cat breeds? This question is stimulating the interest of people who fascinated with the idea of owning a feline with wild characteristics.

Hybrid cat breeds are created by pairing two different breeds of cat under controlled circumstances. Hybrid cat breeds are energetic, loyal, and extremely intelligent.

These unique felines can add excitement and adventure to your life with ease.

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