How Many Russian Cat Breeds Are There?

Russia is usually known for its legendary authors like Tolstoy, Pasternak, and Dostoevsky. It has beautiful landscapes featuring both the tundra and the big city.

People don’t often think of Russia and immediately think of cats; however, there are many Russian cat breeds, all with charming characteristics and interesting histories.

Here is a list of six Russian cat breeds:


1. Russian Blue

The Russian blue is also known as the “Archangel Blue.” These cats are short-haired and blue-grey in color. They have what is known as a double coat.

The undercoat is made up of downy, soft hairs and the overcoat is made up of guard hairs that are the same length. Sometimes this breed is confused with the British Blue.

In Russia there are also two other similar breeds, the Russian White and the Russian Black. This cat breed has bright green eyes which are a beautiful contrast with its dark coat.

The breed is intelligent, curious, and tranquil. They’re known for being playful and friendly and have even been caught playing fetch from time to time.

russian blue cat photo

2. Siberian

The Siberian is a beautiful long-haired cat. It was only recently recognized as a formal breed and the formal name is Siberian Forest Cat.

It is thought that the Siberian is the ancestor to all long-haired breeds across the world. It was first mentioned in a book by Harrison Weir.

They are very agile jumpers. The Siberian cat is very strong and powerfully built.

siberian cat photo

3. Peterbald

The Peterbald is an interesting cat in both appearance and breeding. Like the name states, the breed is typically bald.

They can be born bald, flocked, velour, brush, or with a straight coat.

The bald variety resemble Oriental short-hairs. They are extremely muscular though they have a slim build. The Peterbald has very large ears that are set apart.

Peterbalds are affectionate, peaceful, curious, smart, and energetic. The breed is extremely sweet and are known for following their owners around.

peterbald photo

4. Donskoy Cat

Another hairless breed, the Donskoy Cat breed started in 1987. They were first bred by Elena Kovaleva. Many people think this breed looks similar to the Sphynx Cat.

Though they do look alike, there is no relation whatsoever between the two. Owners have to be careful when bathing these cats because over-bathing them can result in the cat’s skin becoming very oily.

They are wonderful cats, although they are prone to health concerns such as ectodermal dysplasia.


5. Kurilian Bobtail

Another cat whose appearance is described in their name, the Kurilian does have a bobtail. Their eye color always conforms to the color of their coat. The breed originated in the Kuril Islands, off the coast of Russia.

They can be short or long-haired. The Kurilian has an arched back much like the Manx cat breed. They are possibly related to the Japanese Bobtail.

In the wild, the cat is known to be an excellent fisher and hunter.

Being a fisher, the breed loves to play in the water. They are clever and gentle, making great companions.

Kurilian Bobtail photo

6. Ussuri

This breed originated near the Amur River. It is a hybrid breed of Amur Forest Cats and Amur Leopard Cats. They are known for having Lynx-like ears with brush-like tips.

They have a dark dorsal stripe and look like a modified tabby cat.

The Ussuri is actually a naturally occurring breed.



Though Russia isn’t typically thought of when it comes to cat breeds, it is home to some of the most wonderful and interesting breeds available today.

Each breed has a fascinating history that will intrigue even people who don’t traditionally think of themselves as “cat people.”


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