The Highest Jumping Cat

The Serval cat is generally considered to be the highest jumping cat in the world. Most cats can only jump about five or six times their own height, but the Serval can jump up to approximately 10 feet in the air.

Serval cats are occasionally bred to be domestic pets; however, they are wild animals at heart and are not suitable for every home.

serval cat photo
Photo by Sonja & Roland

The Serval cat is native to the African savannas. They can be found nearly everywhere in Africa except for the southernmost part of the continent, as well as the Sahara and Central Equatorial regions.

The Serval has the longest legs and ears of any cat breed in relation to its body. Their long legs are a big reason why they can jump so high compared to other cats.

Their range is such that it can snatch a bird out of the air in mid-flight. When they are hunting, Servals usually leap and grab onto their prey with both paws.
It is natural for the Serval cat to jump when fighting, hunting or even playing. This breed evolved to jump high and long distances due to its ancestors living in trees and needing to leap from branch to branch.

Although some people do keep Serval cats as pets, experts say to exercise caution if you choose to bring one of these animals into your home.

They need a large area in which to roam, require a special diet, and their form of play is very rough, which means they are not suitable for households with young children.


The second highest jumping cat breed is the Savannah cat, which is a cross between a domestic cat and a Serval. The jumping range of a Savannah cat is about seven to eight feet.

Certain types of Savannah cats can jump up to eight feet in the air from a stationary standing position.

savannah cat photo
Photo by will.wade

Savannah cats aren’t quite as large as Servals, and are more suitable for domestic settings, although caution should still be exercised when keeping a Savannah cat.

These cats are arguably the smartest domestic cat breed in the world, and have been known to learn how to open cupboards, doors, etc.

They also like to leap up on the tops of refrigerators, doors and high cabinets. Due to their high energy and inquisitive nature, Savannah cats do best in pairs, so they can help keep each other occupied.

bengal cat photo
Photo by xaviera750|cc

Another high-jumping domestic cat breed is the Bengal.  A Bengal cat can also jump up to approximately eight feet in the air.

Again, this is another high-energy breed that is primarily wild, and they require a lot of responsibility to keep.

As far as non-domestic cat breeds go, the snow leopard is an incredibly high jumper as well.

This breed can jump up to approximately 20 feet in the air.

The snow leopard is native to Central Asia, and is an ancestor of the modern-day Bengal cat.


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