Future: Getting The Social Media Cat Pages Online


Hi Friends,

Thank you for your support, for visiting, reading, commenting, correcting and submitting great photos the past 4+ years.


We have gradually expanded our site in the past three months to include lots more engaging content, but we have bigger plans for expanding Catbreedswithpictures.com – and we can’t do it without you (or a sizeable loan).


Since CBWP is run by just one dedicated person and a slew of writers and volunteers, we don’t have access to the kind of funds needed to expand the site further.


So we’re letting you in on our plans. If all goes well, Catbreedswithpictures.com will be the first-ever high resolution cat breeds directory in the world.

Here’s how it would work:

  • Anyone can create a free cat page and link to their favorite social media like Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, or their personal blog.
  • The cat page is named after the cat. You can only submit photographs you took yourself – of your own cat or a cat you know.
  • Everyone can submit their high resolution pictures (1920×1080 and higher, with future support for 4k resolution submissions).
  • The pages are “orphans” until you register with our site. We’ll figure out a way to connect cat pages to your main profile with Catbreedswithpictures.com – so that you can choose your “main cat” while subsequent cats you have in your household would be kept in a My Cats page. For now, this is a goal – not a feature that has been implemented.
  • All cat pages (with or without a CBWP social account) will be in the high resolution world cat pages gallery. It will be completely sortable by breed, resolution, coat pattern, gender, location and searchable by cat’s names. This will be a huge achievement for cat breed research and access to photos as well – as all photos submitted can be used widely without restriction.
  • Already we’ve setup the social registration accounts but there’s technical work that needs to be done to make the site accessible and fun.

We have many more exciting ideas that we’d like to make reality but for now it is held back by funding.

The plans themselves are documented in great detail. We have even targeted professional designers to help us achieve the future vision.

If you’re interested in making a small contribution, we’ll include a special mention of your help on our Friends page. Best of all, our plans can slowly form into the future of Catbreedswithpictures.com.

Use the Paypal links below if you want to support this effort:


$5 donation:

$10 donation:

$15 donation:


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