How to Get Work Done with a Needy Cat

Some cats are okay being left alone most of the time, and others seem to need a lot of love and attention. If you have one of these needy cats, you know it can be difficult to get work done at home without your cat interrupting you.

No matter what kind of work you’re trying to do, you can get your work done at home without your needy cat bothering you when you follow these tips.


1. Take your cat to the vet.

Sometimes, needy behavior is caused by medical issues. By taking your cat to the vet you can either rule out any medical issues or diagnose issues and get their medical issues resolved with the help of the vet.

Cat veterinarian photo

Photo by Anne Worner


2. Reinforce good behavior.

When your cat is behaving well and not bothering you, reward him with a treat or a favorite toy.

cat treats photo

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3. Squirt the cat with a squirt gun when he exhibits undesirable behavior.

Make sure your cat does not see you using the squirt gun so that it comes as a surprise to him. The surprise should redirect his behavior.


4. Buy automated toys.

Your cat may be bothering you because he is bored. To avoid boredom, make sure there are battery-operated or other automated toys around so your cat can entertain himself without the need of help.

cat toy photo


5. Get a playmate for your cat.

If you only have one cat in your house, it may get lonely or bored easily. Get another cat so that the two can play together and distract each other so you can work in peace.

cats playing photo


6. Give your cat the attention it needs before you start working.

Just before you sit down to get some work done, feed your cat, play with him, pet him, empty his litter box, and take care of anything else he might need. This way, he won’t have any reason to bother you while you work.


7. Ignore the cat’s needy behavior.

If you’ve already taken the cat to the vet and provided for all of his other needs, you may simply need to ignore your cat when it comes to you for attention. Don’t look at the cat, pet him, or talk to him while you’re working. Eventually, the cat should understand that its cries for attention will not work on you while you’re working.


8. Arrange for a pet sitter.

If everything else you’ve tried doesn’t work, try getting someone else to come to the house to play with the cat and give him attention while you work.

cat sitter photo

Photo by PetsitUSA Pet Sitter Directory

Needy cats don’t always have to exhibit those annoying behaviors. If you’re diligent about meeting your cats needs before and after you work, you should be able to train your cat to leave you alone while you get some work done.

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