Frosty’s Tale: The Frozen Kitten


My name is Frosty.

“I’m Frosty from the Sullivan / Rome area of Wisconsin. I am in Cat Fancy Magazine Feb 2015 issue. Please share my story with your friends. I almost froze to death.

I was found on Dec 30th, 2013 – in a barn – and I was so frozen solid: it was like knocking cement. The man who found me raced me over to a lady’s house for help. Many didn’t think I’d survive and many thought I should be euthanized.”


My mama didn’t listen to them.

—She’s the lady I was brought to. I did end up staying 15 days in a neonate ICU in an oxygen incubator at an animal hospital. I had fun proving everyone wrong because the vets thought I would not see or walk. I can do both! Right now I have to go to the vet every 4 weeks for rechecks.

Frosty the Frozen Kitten Facebook Cat Tale

“Remind everyone, just because we have fur does NOT make us immune to the cold temps. Please provide proper shelter to the wild, ferals, barn and stray animals and bring in your own pets. No one should be left to freeze to death.”

– Frosty the Frozen Kitten


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