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Submitted Cat Stories and Cat Breed Articles

Thank you for submitting your cat stories to us for consideration and posting to If you would like to contribute a cat breed article or submit a cat story, feel free it’s easy and you’ll be helping us build a better community around cat breeds.


Special Thanks to Our Writing Contributors

Maria D. – Contributes as a regular author.

Jan G. – Contributes as an editor voluntarily.


Feature Cat Articles by Maria Olsen

Maria is an excellent writer we have been working with to develop her careful authorship and editorial excellence have helped us to grow into an authoritative educational resource on the web.

 British Shorthair cat breedThe Famous British Shorthair by Robin Mudge

Robin’s article is well-written and her site is noteworthy,too! Go check it out and give her a like. Thank you Robin!!

tonkinese cat breeds 3The Tonkinese Cat by Lonekoala

After we posted 101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow in 2013, Lonekoala wanted to do something more for us. So they posted an article with lots of great pictures of their tonks. Thank you Lonekoala!!

Peke face persian Persian by Jenna Meow

We really appreciated Jenna’s help on the Persian article contribution. She’s a blogger herself and wanted to help us out on a breed that she’s familiar with. Thank you!


Cat Tales

submit cat story, cat tales Beemo’s Tale by Esther

This is a very lovely tale submitted to us when we first started doing Cat Tales on the old site. We included it along side Trudy’s story on building shelters for feral cats in her neighborhood.

IMG_2960 Oreo’s Diary by Daisy

We were surprised by how many actual dates were in this tale when it was submitted to us. But then we got the idea to turn it into a diary because it looked so much like a cat’s journal of everything that ever happened to him. Oreo is an interesting cat, and the videos we found of him were an excellent touch to make this story interesting.

2 months old Trooper Chance by The Edge of the Woods by Trooper

If you aren’t following Trooper on Facebook, it is probably time to do so. Chance is a very cute cat that was abandoned and recovered his ability to walk against hard odds. Although he’s got a strange way of running, he is a cheerful lad and we appreciate his entry into Cat Tales. Hopefully his story will encourage others to take in abandoned and ill cats because nobody knows which of these cats will grow into the most wonderful friend, after you’ve given them some love and care.

10887388_1526508154268295_2582658274454575597_o Frosty’s Tale: The Frozen Kitten by Frosty the Frozen Kitten

Frosty’s story is well publicized but it was the first time we’d heard about it…so it was good to have the story repeated. Frosty was a cat that frozen solid and was saved by people who took time to care for the little one. We encourage you to do the same, should you be in a situation where you can show mercy. While some may have given up, Frosty’s adopted parent(s) persisted for the good cause. Note: There are other frozen kittens that have survived, if you find them on Facebook or in the paper, please send us an email!




Important Picture Contributions:

Ultimate Cat Breed List Title Abyssinian cat breed picture, Dulcie Arnold (

A Big Thank-you to Sophie_Kitty for these great photos of a Cinnamon Point Oriental Shorthair/Siamese



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