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Rights and Our Free Usage of Submissions

By using (“CBWP”) you hereby give full ownership rights to all images, videos, articles, stories and comments you submit or post to We may post your cat’s picture on our CBWP fan page, in order to help identify your cat’s breed. We may use the images, videos, articles, stories and comments for the promotion of our website (Online, such as on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and on many other websites, and also offline, such as print) at our discretion and without notice to you.

If you would like to make any modification to the way we use your content, please let us know, we are happy to make any changes to better suit the community’s needs and wants. Though we have reserved these rights to all content, we still don’t want to leave you feeling upset – just email us and we will fix it quickly.

  • We strive to avoid duplicate content, so please do not repost your article or cat story anywhere else on the web – otherwise we must take it down.
  • We communicate with every author and submitter openly, and encourage you to email us if there is any way we have mistreated you, your content submissions or your pictures.

Flickr Creative Commons photographers:

Sometimes we may use free use images from large Creative Commons-friendly websites in order to supply a lack of a particular breed or cat image and credit the author properly on Our Friends page (here). You reserve the right to take down an image at any time for any reason, giving us reasonable time to remove (7 days or more). We work with Flickr rights owners and respect the image rights of users. If you have not been properly credited, send us an email and we remedy this quick.

Posting Guidelines

-Please do not post anything you did not write.
-Please do not post any cat pictures that aren’t yours or of your cat.
-Please submit bright, high quality pictures with the best camera you have (smart phone, digital camera) – We reserve the right to delete low quality pictures or unfocused images or dark images – thank you for understanding our conditions.

Fact Checking and Quality

At CBWP we strive to provide high quality articles about cat breeds and many more cat themed subjects. However, if you spot an error please report it to us at once for correction, providing a cited source we can use that is of better repute. Thank you for your contributions!

Thank you for your time and attention!


  1. I’m adopting this kitten through a local rescue as soon as he’s old enough (currently just 5 weeks). His mother is all brown except for one foot with a little white and has a very sleek coat. Along with my little guy (he’s all brown), there are 2 other brown kittens, 1 tortie, and one siamese-like white with brown points. All of my google searches indicate Havana Brown, but not sure how a cat like this found herself in a shelter! Any other ideas?/Users/Pam/Desktop/IMG_3941.JPG

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