How to Foster Cats to Help Your Community

By fostering cats from your local animal shelter, you not only help out felines in need, but your community as a whole.

There are many ways in those who foster cats help to build a stronger, healthier, and more compassionate community.

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There are various reasons why a cat may have to be fostered.

A big reason why animal shelters rely on volunteers to foster cats in their own homes is to make sure the shelters have enough resources and room to help every cat in the community that needs it.

A large number of shelter cats need foster care before they are able to be adopted into their forever homes.

Volunteering to foster cats helps fill in the gaps so shelters can help every cat in need.

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Another reason why cats may need to be fostered is if they need extra medical attention and/or care before they can be adopted.

Fostering such a cat in a home where it can get the individual care improves its quality of life while helping it along its journey to its forever family.


Some animal shelters even offer fostering cats as hours for teenagers who have been required to do community service.

This helps teens give back to their community as well as providing an additional option for homes in which to place foster cats when a shelter has an overabundance.

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Occasionally, pet owners will reach out to their local animal shelters if their cats need to be fostered temporarily during a relocation.

By fostering a cat in this situation, you are helping to ease the stress on both the pet and its parents as they transition to a new phase of their lives.


The first step towards fostering a cat is making sure you’re ready, both emotionally and situationally.

You must have transportation and funds to take your foster cat to its veterinarian appointments regularly, as well as provide food, water and other necessities for the cat while it is in your care.

Preparing emotionally to foster a cat is also important. Some people find they get very attached to their foster cats, and may even decide to apply to adopt the animals themselves.


Next, visit your local animal shelter either in person or online to fill out an application to begin fostering cats in your home.

Animal shelters are always in need of volunteers to open their homes to cats in need.

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Fostering cats is a great way to help your community. Not only do you get the joy of helping a cat along its way to a safe and permanent living situation while keeping it off the streets, you are making sure it gets the care it deserves and possibly even saving its life.

And, by fostering cats in your home, you are ensuring that your local animal shelter has enough room and manpower to be able to save as many cats as they can.

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