Five Common Domestic Cat Breeds in America

maine coon cat photo
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Choosing the right cat breed can be hard when they’re all so lovable.

However, it’s important to take into account your personal desires for cat behavior and what you are capable of providing for the cat.

In this article, you will find information about the personality traits and care requirements for five common domestic cat breeds in America.


Persian Cats

 cat photo
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Persian cats are recognized as an extremely people friendly breed.

Out of all the most common domestic cat breeds, Persian cats have ranked at the top since records started being kept in 1871.

Persian cats are commonly described as gentle, sweet and quiet.


Their voices are thought to be melodious and pleasing. Additionally, Perisans are intelligent domestic cats. They adapt quickly to most environments and communicate well.

Persians often use their eyes to express feelings of hunger or disdain. The one potential downside to owning a Persian cat is that their long fur requires daily grooming.

Persian cats are best suited for owners who are attentive and affectionate.


Maine Coon Cats

maine coon cat photo
Photo by skeeze

The Maine Coon breed has earned the nickname “The Gentle Giant,” due to its docile nature.

A larger cat breed, a male can weigh up to 30 pounds. This common cat breed has long fur similar to Persians, but it does not require daily grooming.

Maine Coon cats have a rugged look and are suited to indoor and outdoor living.


Domestic Maine Coon cats are recognized for being exceptionally loving and playful.

One funny trait of this domestic cat breed is their tendency to be involved in everything that goes on in the house.

Nothing happens without their input! This cat breed typically gets along with children and dogs. It is a good choice for active owners as it is high energy and very intelligent.


Exotic Shorthair Cats

Exotic Shorthair Cats photo
Photo by captainpancakes

This common cat breed is closely-related to the Persian. Their short, dense fur requires weekly brushing, but it is still less than the daily brushing that is suggested for Persians.

Exotic Shorthairs are the type of cat that will sit patiently in front of you until attention is received.

They will also jump right on your lap and nuzzle their tiny nose on your face.


The unique coloring of Exotic Shorthair cats earned them the nickname “Persian in Pajamas,” says Catster.

This domestic cat breed is known to be more loyal than other common choices and will follow the owner all around the house.


Siamese Cats

siamese Cats photo
Photo by photosoflessthanamazingjourneys

Siamese cats are easily recognized by their intense blue eyes and large perky ears.

Their personality matches their looks; they are bright, inquisitive and expressive communicators.

An extremely vocal and frisky domestic cat breed, they make great playmates.


However, Siamese cats tend to have demanding personalities.

This common cat breed is best for owners who have ample time and energy to spend with the cat.


Ragdoll Cats

ragdoll Cats photo
Photo by lightinacube

With large and gentle eyes, Ragdoll cats are a family favorite. They have a calm disposition and make new friends easily, states VetStreet.

Their name reflects their characteristic limpness when being handled.

Many people compare this breed to puppies since they are playful and can be taught fun tricks.

A friendly domestic cat breed, Ragdolls are known to seek out human affection. They will often try to sleep right on top of their owner.

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