Finding Safer Cat Toys

cats and safe toys

cats and safe toys

Some toys are just more naturally choke-hazardous.  Here are a few points to help you pick a safe toy for your cat (or dog).

Pointy Toys

Objects that have pointy edges or corners are something cats may be good at avoiding, but if you accidentally ever drop it, throw it or hit a cat with it – you may end up injuring them quite seriously. Try to look for toys that have smooth edges and corners.

Strings of Any Length

Strings are fun. Cats love chasing them around the house and they can’t stand it when it gets away from them. To prevent a knot from getting stuck in their gut, always keep tiny thin strings out of reach. When a scratching post is torn to bits and there are strings everywhere- it’s time for clean up. If you think your cat has eaten string, it is advisable to either get them a digestive aid as prescribed by a vet or to speak to them about any other solutions for getting that string out. Not every string a cat will swallow will pass through harmlessly, so without risking a situation where your cat needs to go to the vet – get rid of that loose string lying around the house. It can save you and your cat  a lot of pain and trouble.

Paints and Dyes

Cats can be particularly fond of certain smells of paint. If there is any kind of smell to a plastic toy, it means the components used in the chemical process of melting down the plastic “pebbles” was imperfect. A particularly stinky plastic product, like a toy or a bottle, indicates that the plastic is giving off – yes, wafting your nostrils with chemical components. If a plastic toy is chewed on, it can cause brain damage and many other ill effects – especially if it has been cheaply manufactured. Be cautious with all plastic and/or painted toys.

Be Smart

Some smooth, round toys with few parts and no paint can be a safe way for a cat to get feisty with and remain healthy. But it’s up to you to help your cat play safe. Find a few toys that you think they’ll enjoy and check for anything that may break with use, any strings that may come off, any paint that may get licked off, and be sure it isn’t too flimsy so your cat can have a continuous blast with the toy.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for cat toys that are safe? Maybe you make toys for cats? Leave us a comment.

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