How To Find Your Cat’s Breed Quickly

Do you have a cat but have no idea what breed it is? Is it a pure bred or a mixture of several breeds?

For those who are interested in finding out what breed of cat theirs is but just don’t know how to go about it, there are ways to find out quickly and inexpensively. Before trying to determine your cat’s breed it would be beneficial to familiarize and educate yourself on the various characteristics of the different breeds. The more you know, the easier it will be to match your kitty up with the right breed.

persian cat photo


What characteristics to look for

Each breed has its own features and characteristics that can be dead giveaways as to what breed your cat falls into. If you want to quickly determine the breed of your cat, start with taking a full-body inventory of your cat’s features and list them one-by-one.

Here is a list of specific features to take note of when examining your feline:

Hair length – Does your cat have long or short hair? Is it thin, or thick and dense down to the skin?

Body build – Your cat’s stature and body build is a big indication of your cat’s breed. For instance, Persians are known to have shorter, stockier builds while Siamese cats are longer, leaner and more statuesque.

persian cat photo

Facial features – Look at your cat’s face. Does your cat have flatter, rounded facial features with a rounder shaped head, such as what you would find on a Persian or Himalayan?

Or are your cat’s facial features more pointed and prominent with an elongated head? Features more commonly found on a Siamese or Russian Blue cat?

Eyes and ears – Look at your cat’s eyes and ears.

What color are the eyes and how are they shapedSiamese cats typically have blue eyes which combined with other tell-tell signs of a Siamese, could help confirm this breed. Himalayans also have blue eyes, but their fur, facial features and body stature are quite the opposite of Siamese breed.

siamese cat photo

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The shape and length of your cat’s ears can also help in determining your feline’s breed. Some breeds have ears that are shorter, more rounded, wider apart or are situated further back on the head, while other breeds have taller and pointier ears, or may sport a tuft of fur at the tips.

Markings – A cat’s markings are a great way to help depict your cat’s breed. While many breeds come in an array of colors and markings, some, such as the Siamese, are typically consistently the same color and have the usual Siamese markings. Himalayans are also consistent with the same giveaway markings on its coat.

siamese cat photo

Personality – Though cats will vary somewhat, from one to the other, when it comes to their personalities, but for the most part, there are general personality traits that are common among the entire breed. Sticking with the Persian breed, Persians are known for being a quieter breed, reserved and affectionate breed while other breeds have a natural tendency to be high strung, independent or noisy.



If you have researched the many different features of the different breed of cats and compared them to your cat’s features and still no answer, another option to help you determine the breed is your local veterinarian.

Veterinarians are familiar with cat breeds; their features, personalities and traits. He can examine your cat and give you his professional opinion on which breed or combination of breeds your cat comes from.


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