Feline Stars of YouTube 2016

YouTube is a fantastic place to discover all kinds of cats and cat talent, from cuddly cats to ones with musical talents! Let’s take a look at 5 fabulous felines on YouTube this year.


Autotune Kittens

This group of kittens sound lovely on the microphone.

These tiny vocalists have a great range, hitting high notes with ease. Okay, so they’re auto-tuned, but we won’t tell! Most people are moved by this piece.


The Piano Cat 

This musically-gifted feline has been called the “P.T. Barnum of cats.” She loves playing the piano, and has been featured with orchestras and on several TV programs, including “The Today Show.”

This was the original video of her first practice session (“Practice Makes Purr-fect”), and it launched her to internet stardom.

She has her own YouTube channel (Nora The Piano Cat), Facebook page, and Twitter account, and is the official mascot of the National Music Festival.


The Grumpy Cat 

Called “the grumpiest cat in the world,” this cool cat actually has lots to smile about! He became an internet star after a photo of him was posted online in 2012, showing him with his normal look—which happens to be a permanent frown.

People thought it was Photoshopped, so videos were made to prove it was really him. Since then, “The Grumpy Cat” has received more than 3 million views on YouTube and has been featured on “The Today Show” and several other shows.

In his videos, he’s done everything from participating in the ice bucket challenge to celebrating Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

He even had a sign with a photo of him flown around by a plane in the city! This video shows him presiding over the ice bucket challenge.


The Keyboard Cat

One of Grumpy Cat’s friends (seriously, they’ve met!), the “Keyboard Cat” is a true rapper!

He loves chilling out to some smooth bass beats in his light blue suit, and he plays the keyboard in harmony with his backing track!

The Keyboard Cat is actually Charlie Schmidt’s cat, and he has his own channel (chukieart). This was his first-ever YouTube video, and since then, he’s gained a following — he’s even been featured in a pistachio commercial!


The Pop-Tart Cat

One feline viral sensation on the internet, “Pop-Tart Cat,” also called “Nyan Cat,” is an animated cat with a pop-tart shaped body and a rainbow-colored tail.

He’s been featured on several TV shows, and his video feature him in different environments (like inside of video games!) and wearing different colored pop-tarts (sometimes he’s wearing a pink pop-tart, other times a red one).

Photo by Craighton Miller

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