How Fast Can Cats Run And 12 Other Fun Facts

Anyone who has a cat knows what type of food they like, the toys they enjoy playing with, and their quirky little habits.

There are, however, many things that you may not know about your furry friends.

Below are 13 fun facts about your cat, that may help you get to know yours better.


#13 – How Fast Can a Cat Run?

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Photo by Froskeland | cc

A domesticated house cat can run at a speed of up to 30 miles per hour. By contrast, the cheetah, can run up to 65 miles per hour.


#12 – Your Cat Could Be Allergic To You

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Photo by niseag03

Many people complain about being allergic to cats.

What many don’t know, is that cats can be allergic to them.

Pollutants such as cigarette smoke, human dandruff, and dusty houses can cause respiratory problems in your cat.


#11 – Your Cat’s Brain is More Complex Than a Dog’s

Many people believe that dogs are smarter than cats. That is not necessarily true.

According to a recent study, cats have 300 million neurons in their brains, while dogs have just 160 million.

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#10 – Cat Domestication Began Before Egyptian Time

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Scientists originally believed that cats became domesticated in Egypt, 4000 years ago.

However, new research shows that there was a breed of cat living on Chinese farms 5300 years ago.


#9 – Cats Don’t Only Purr When They’re Happy

Most people believe that when their cat is purring, that she is happy.

While a cat will purr when she is happy, she will also purr when she is giving birth, nursing, sick, wounded, or stressed out.


#8 – Cats Learn From You

cats and sweets photo
Photo by TeamK

How do some cats learn to open doors by turning the nob? Or open cupboards to find kitty snacks? How do some cats act as an alarm clock to help their owner get up in the morning?

Cats learn from you, your habits, your conversations and from all the time they spend around you.  They may even pick up a liking for the foods you enjoy.


#7 – Disrupting Your Cat’s Routine Can Make Her Sick

Cats are creatures of habit, so much so, that disrupting their normal routine can make them sick.


#6 – Cats Spend a Great Deal of Time Grooming Themselves

cats and sweets photo
Photo by Bradsview

Cats are total neat freak when it comes to their grooming.

According to a study performed at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, cats spend between 30 and 50 percent of their day cleaning themselves.


#5 – Cats Can Drink Sea Water

If you and your cat were drifting in a lifeboat on the ocean with no water, you would be in big trouble, but your cat would be fine.

A cat’s kidneys can filter out salt and then use the water content to hydrate their bodies.


#4 – Cats Can Hear Rodents Really Well

cats and sweets photo
Photo by Ellie O. Photography

If you have ever wondered why your cat can catch mice when you have a difficult time doing so with traps, it is because cats can hear the mice.

Rodents use ultrasonic noises to communicate, and a cat’s hearing is so good that they can hear it.

If you took your cat to a marina, she would be able to hear the dolphins as well.


#3 – A Cat’s Fingerprint is on Her Nose

cats and sweets photo
Photo by Look Over There

Humans are fingerprinted because no two fingerprints are alike.

The same is true with the rigid pattern on a cat’s nose.

You found nose prints in the flour on the counter, theoretically, you would be able to find out which of your cats made the mess.


#2 – Kitten Sleeping Habits

cats and sweets photo
Photo by Mokeneco

If you are wondering why your kitten sleeps so much, it is because she wants to grow.

Kittens need the release of a growth hormone to grow, and the only time that hormone is released is when she is asleep.

Also, kittens don’t dream until they are a week old.


#1 – Fun Cat Sleeping Fact

cats and sweets photo
Photo by Daisyree Bakker

Cats sleep so much, that when they are nine years old, they will only have spent about three of those years awake.

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