Fancy Cat Hedges And Other Cat Themed Decorations By Designers

Cat themed decorations and accessories, both personal and for the house, are becoming more and more popular.

For reasons as yet undiscovered, our furry feline friends are top of the pops when it comes to including images of our pets in our lives, and here are some of the more interesting things that you can make or buy.


Cat Topiary And Hedges: Down The Garden Path

Cat topiary photo
Photo by Tim Green aka atoach

Topiary is the art of shaping large and small bushes into recognizable shapes – in this case, a cat – while hedging is the practice of enclosing a piece of garden, or indicating a boundary between properties, by planting and growing a hedge.

Both pastimes have been adopted by cat-lovers and artists as ways to focus on the feline form, and the ultimate cat-decorated garden can boast both smaller cat-shaped bushes and huge cat-sculpted hedges.

The true artist will take years to finish his topiary creation and will either use wire frames to help form the underlying shape or will grow extra bushes to form limbs or other aspects of the overall design.

Being able to display a magnificent cat plant-sculpture on your front lawn will, however, make the wait worth it.


Cat Bathroom Accessories: Wet ‘N Wild

cat print photo
Photo by Joybot

In a cat-lover’s bathroom you would expect to see such staple cat-accessories as hand towels and bath towels and perhaps even a cat-shaped soap holder or two.

What is more out of the ordinary, however, are the memory foam bathmats with their crazy and creative cat designs that are currently becoming the “thing to see” in the bathroom of the modern cat lover.

Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam sheeting that’s most often seen in mattresses and that’s sensitive to temperature (hot/cold) and the amount of pressure placed upon it.

As a bathmat, it would be easy on the feet and would be guaranteed not to slip, and, when these positives are combined with cat pictures and designs that run the gamut from crazy to cultured, there could be no better fashion statement for your bathroom!


Cat Personal Safety Key-chain: Cat Guardian Angels

Photo By
Photo by

One of the oddest personal cat themed accessories must surely be this metal key-chain decoration in the shape of an angular cat face.

Not only is this item a fashion icon of note, it’s also a powerful way to protect yourself as it’s been designed to function as a sharp-edged knuckle-duster when fingers are inserted through the cat’s eye sockets and the sharply edged ears are pointed outwards.

Both stylish and practical, this lightweight item can prove extremely helpful in threatening situations, and there’s no cat-lover who’d refuse help from their cat angel!


There’s literally no limit to the number, size and shape of feline figures and other items that have cat-crawled into our lives.

The hedges, bathmats and key-chains only scratch the surface, and manufacturing and selling cat-themed products is an industry that’s only just realizing the power of the buying public.

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