Do You Enjoy Writing About Cats?

Hi Friends,

The truth is we can’t afford to add content to our site. But you can help. If any of the below subjects piques your interest-whiskers, please submit an article —We’d love to hear from you, the cat people community, on any of the topics below.

This will help broaden our range of subjects here at and of course, to increase the cat pictures in our breeds directory. It is awfully limited to a handful of cat breeds at the moment and they all could use a bit more information on each breed.

Article ideas we’d like to suggest for our feline ink-warriors:

  • How to Identify a Norwegian Forest Cat write it
  • How to Identify a Maine Coon write it
  • How to Identify a Persian Cat write it
  • How to Identify a Siamese Cat write it
  • How to Identify a Birman Cat write it

A mix of other topics we envision which we would like to write but don’t have the time for:

  • Should Hospitals Keep Cats on Staff? ( a great topic we have our hearts set on ) write it
  • My Cat Sheds Too Much: The Comprehensive Guide to Preventing and Reducing Cat Shedding write it
  • Top 7 Shorthair Cat Breeds write it
  • The World’s Smallest Cat write it

Thank you for your contributions, stories, pictures and nominations!

With all submissions, our policy applies. However, we credit all our authors with a link to their website or blog and will continue to honor your contributions. If you should have any questions, email us.

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