The Egyptian Mau Cat

egyptian mau photo
Photo by Lil Shepherd|cc

The Egyptian Mau is believed to be descended from the first domesticated African Wild Cats.

It is also believed that the Egyptians were the first people to domesticate the African Wild Cats, hence the breed name. “Mau” is the Egyptian word for cat, and this unique breed is loved by cat owners for many reasons.


A Striking and Unique Appearance

This cat is one of the only breeds that can boast naturally occurring spots in its fur, according to Wikipedia.

The striped and spotted coat gives this Egyptian cat an exotic appearance which stands out in every show hall.

Their lustrous fur ranges in color from silver to bronze to dark gray.

egyptian mau photo
Photo by lyvegyde|cc

The forehead of an Egyptian Mau is often adorned with an M-like mark, states PetMD.

Pictures rarely do justice to their bright green eyes, silky spots and distinctive markings.

An extra bonus is that their coat requires minimal grooming. Mild combing helps control shedding.

The Egyptian Mau has a muscular figure and its back legs are longer than the front. This physical trait gives them a jaunty appearance, says

Another unique trait of the Egyptian Mau is the loose flap of skin on their hind legs which gives them increased agility.


Playful and Loyal Companions

The Egyptian Mau is usually careful with strangers, but incredibly affectionate with its “favorite” people. When interacting with their owners, they are outgoing, fearless and inquisitive.

This cat breed is very loyal to their family, but they like attention to be on their own terms.

egyptian mau photo
Photo by lyvegyde|cc

You’ll know your Egyptian Mau is happy when she wiggles her tail or makes a peculiar chortling noise. Their meows have a distinct melodious sound.

In extreme cases, the Egyptian Mau likes to raid refrigerators and serve as alarm clocks, notes The Cat Fanciers’ Association. A confident hand would not go amiss when handling this cat breed.


Maus are ideal for owners who can provide ample play and affection time.

They are capable of being leash trained and travel well, says Egyptian Maus also learn the names of their toys and like to play fetch.


A Rare Cat Breed with Rich History

egyptian mau photo
Photo by Muffet|cc

The Egyptian Mau is not your common house cat.  Every year, fewer Mau kittens are registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.


These cats were first brought to Europe before World War II, but their population suffered during the war.

By chance, an exiled Russian princess named Nathalie Troubetskoy received an Egyptian Mau as a gift from a young friend. When she emigrated to the United States in 1956, she brought three Egyptian Maus with her.


Next, Princess Troubetskoy succeeded in her efforts to make Egyptian Maus an accepted breed for the North American cat associations. Later, an Egyptian Mau bred by the Princess became the first of its breed to win a CCA grand championship.


A Winning Breed for Cat Lovers

The combination of pure exotic beauty, an interactive personality and playful intelligence, make the Egyptian Mau a wonderful domestic companion. If you like your kitty to be loyal, fun and trainable, this is the cat for you!

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