The Descendant of the Sacred-The Egyptian Mau

egyptian mau cat breed picture

mau egyptian cat

We all love our cats.  If they were to pass on, we’d cry, give them a decent burial, remember them ( I still include the cat that I lost as a child in my prayers- rather by habit now than any other,  but a habit that has preserved his memory all the same) but this pales in comparison to shaving your eyebrows and embalming your cat, worshiping it as a deity wouldn’t you say?  If someone was responsible for your cat’s demise, you’d feel like returning the favour, but would you actually do it?  I doubt any of us would, but in ancient Egypt, this was the law.

10,000 years ago, the first cats were domesticated in what we now call Egypt, Turkey, Iraq and a few other middle eastern lands.  A few thousand years later, the domestic cat came to be regarded as sacred and divine.  The cat, or mau in Egypt was considered the representation of goddess Bastet, the goddess with the lion or cat’s head.  She was the symbol of fertility and motherhood and of war.  Women would wear amulets of cats if they wanted children, often the number of cats engraved reflecting the number of children they wanted.

Today, the descendant of this divine creature is still known as the Mau.  This Egyptian cat breed is athletic and the fastest domestic cat. Unique to the mau is its shorter front legs and a skinfold under the belly like the cheetah, that allows the hind legs to stretch back farther.

If your house is full of rodents, the mau would be a heaven-send.  Trained at young, these cats love to hunt rodents and their curiosity will ensure they keep at it.  Mau’s are not lap-cats and aren’t fond of  mingling with other cats much, or strangers in general- humans included.  So if you’re one of those people that have a great condo, with lovely artifacts, rarely home and when you are, always with someone new, do not get a mau to add to your Egyptian collection- get a bronze sculptor of the mau instead.  These cats need to bond with their owner and prefer privacy in their homes.  Remember, the mau is a goddess- treat this rare cat with respect and undivided attention.  Reserve a place in your home and in your heart of the highest priority and you will have an everlasting bond, truly divine!

egyptian mau cat breed picture

Did you know?

The mau is the only naturally spotted small cat breed.  Males weigh 10-14 pounds and females 6-10 pounds.  The only difference from its original ancestor is that the mau depicted in Egyptian history have wild eyes whereas the modern mau has wide, round eyes.  They come in silver (with black patterns), bronze (with chocolate brown markings) and smoke (dark, greyish with jet-black markings).


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