Demand Regulations for Dog and Cat Breeders

dog and cat mills abuses petition

dog and cat mills abuses petition

Hello friends and visitors,

We are deeply saddened by the painful and harsh treatment that dogs and cats recieve at mills and breeding ‘homes’;
just as in the cattle industry, there are abuses and maltreatment. We wanted to bring this to your attention, so that if you have the time to sign a petition like this one–

Or if you have the power, to actually let a legislator know about your concern regarding animal abuses. Truly, there are many kinds going on right now today. If you feel in your heart this is something you can truly help with, please apply yourself to showing mercy to these animals today. Writing a letter is also a possibility. We will work to bring together a few links and resources for those of you who are willing to assist. We will do our part by providing these ways to reach out.

MessyBeast writes, “The Pet Animal Act 1951 required the licensing of Pet Shops by Local Authorities. Unsatisfactory premises, overcrowding and low standards of hygiene could result in the loss of a licence. A requirement of licensing was that kittens should not be sold at too early an age nor to children under the age of 12. The act also covered hygiene to prevent spread of disease and also that kittens should not be sold unweaned or too young to leave their mothers (the latter had been a common abuse). It was also an offence to sell cats and kittens in a street or public place, except at a stall or barrow in a market. In recent times there is a problem of pets being sold at car boot fairs and this seems poorly regulated. Some local authorities carry out only cursory inspections of pet shops.”

Has anything changed? Have corporations, shelters and other premises that keep pets gone under the radar of stringent regulation? Please leave a comment!

Thank you for reading, and have a great day in the Lord!




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