Creative Cat Homes from Around the World

We love our furry friends. Some of us even refer to our pets as our children. Some of us go the extra mile to ensure that our beloved feline friends have their very own cat home within our home.


Here are some examples of creative cat homes built by their adoring owners


An unexpected cat home can be found in South Africa at Cat Village. This home is actually a sanctuary for homeless cats. This unique endeavor was started by Irma Teller who has been devoting her life work to helping abused and isolated cats.

What makes this home creative? First of all, Cat Village has 5 acres of fenced land for the cats to roam. Grass huts are equipped with baskets and blankets for both the feral and domesticated cats who live here.

The huts are conveniently scattered throughout the property. Most importantly, Cat Village is a no-kill establishment.

Japan has really invested in its feline friends. Not only are there cat-friendly cafes where you can sip your java with fluffy, but people have started to build their homes specifically with their cats in mind.


The Cats’ House was designed by a Japanese architecture firm called Fauna + DeSIGN. The house was built for its 21 clients: 16 cats and 5 dogs. You can only imagine the walkways, tunnels and peek-a-boo windows this house has.

Climbing and perching structures are cleverly built into the home which flows nicely with the modern interior.

Another designer from Japan, Mana Kobayashi, lives with 3 cats and has integrated cat staircases throughout her home. Cat-sized holes were put into the walls for easy access and alcoves provide convenient resting and perching places.

Jetting over to London, England you will find architect Alex Haw. He built magnificent cat boardwalks throughout his home.


Kate Benjamin is a cat style expert. Her entire business revolves around cats and how people can live not only comfortably with their furry friends, but stylishly as well. Benjamin, who has 12 cats of her own has converted her Phoenix apartment into a haven for herself and her cats.

For a fun book on how to make your own home uniquely cat-friendly, check out “The Cats’ House” by Bob Walker and Frances Mooney. With nine cats, the Walkers developed cat ramps, stairs, and walkways throughout their San Diego, California home.

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