Cats of the World

Cats are universally loved as quality pets and fascinating creatures.

Plus you have to give them credit for being the moniker of the internet; cats are singularly synonymous with the internet.

But there are other aspects about the feline that only adds to their mystique and mythical nature. They are the subject of legend and are the muse of choice for most artists. So let’s look at the cultural impact and representation of cats from all walks of life, since every country has their own way of recognizing cats.

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The most obvious culture is that of Ancient Egypt; this is the one time period that almost always comes to mind when one thinks of cats. The Ancient Egyptians referred to them as “Mau,” and considered them to be sacred animals within their society.

This sort of worship eventually led to the creation of the cat goddess Bast, who was the quintessential model for fertility and motherhood. But the cat in general was looked at as a symbol of elegance. They were even offered up as religious tributes in the form of mummification by the people of Egypt.

In the Middles Ages, cat were seen as many things. They were perceived as witches in some parts of 14th Century Europe, while in other areas, the Vikings saw them as trusting companions. The main reason for their companionship was the fact that they killed vermin; this helped dwindle the population of rodents, thus preventing widespread disease.

But the whole witch propaganda that occurred throughout the Victorian era was so outlandish because some people thought that they were animal guides who assisted witches in their practice of witchcraft; this kind of nonsense led to cats being burned alive.

But in other places like Japan and Russia, cats are seen as a token of good luck and fortune. That’s what’s so great about these felines: they’re looked up to as allegorical figures who permeate with positive energy and spiritual enlightenment. It’s just funny how cats are idolized here in the United States; they’re pretty much the very foundation of the word “meme.”

You just can’t be anywhere on the internet or in pop culture without getting your daily dosage of the feline. Their cultural omnipotence is unparalleled, and that’s only the tip of the ice berg on why they’re so commonly loved.

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