A Cat’s Laser Point Addiction: Is It Worth Encouraging?

cat laser pointer photo

Photo by Riebart

When you think of toys specifically for a cat‘s enjoyment, laser pointers are often at the top of the list. Laser pointers offer a way to interactively play with your cat, much the same as a dog owner would play fetch with a ball.

Plus, laser pointers inevitably mean capturing yet another cute moment with your cat to upload onto social media.

Laser pointers bring the average cat back to their roots as a predator. For a cat, this means hunting and catching as they would with small animals.

With a laser pointer, the mess and stress of having your cat get hurt while hunting outside or bringing home an unwanted dead animal are removed from the equation; hence, the appeal of a laser pointer is that it allows your cat to behave more like, well, a cat without completing the act of hunting prey.

It’s no surprise then that laser pointers have enjoyed popularity with cat owners around the world for their everyday benefits. Besides the entertainment value, laser pointers are also perfect if you’re an owner with a busy lifestyle.

cat laser pointer photo

Photo by arkonan

Laser pointers operate by wherever you point said laser in front of a cat so there isn’t any need for a complicated strategy. Additionally, there’s the further benefits of keeping your cat focused while improving their coordination. Most of all, your cat’s natural curiosity towards the laser as a challenge will mean endless interest from the cat on how the laser works.

On the other hand though, laser pointers still have to be handled with care like any other toy. Since a laser is a beam of light, the laser pointer game could frustrate your cat if there are no treats or other toys to truly keep instead.

As a result, your furniture may receive damage after all, not from a cat’s playful romp but their frustration taken out on the nearest object. That is why a laser pointer should never be shone over your cat’s paws which will confuse/aggravate them more, given the laser’s light can’t be touched. Your cat’s eyes should also be avoided for their sight could suffer from laser exposure.

Ultimately, laser pointers aren’t either toys or exercises for cats but a mixture of both. The most important issue at laser play with your cat is trust: that you won’t hurt your cat or endlessly trick them until they become neurotic over even knowing whether their own senses are reliable.

While momentary fun for the owner, laser pointers shouldn’t end up making your cat feel ironically like a mouse on a hamster wheel with no resolution if you can’t provide enough time and care otherwise.

You must use a cat’s other senses besides sight (hearing, thinking, etc.) to make a laser worthwhile for your cat as well and not as a human-sided schadenfreude(pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune) at your pet’s expense.

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