Cat Tales: Yeti Set Go

Yeti cat story

My cat’s name is Yeti.

Yeti, the sunshine in our life in sunny but mostly cloudy South Florida!

We adopted Yeti at 3 months old from a local non-profit rescue called Smitten With Kittens. She is now 11 months old and will be turning 1 year old in October!

Yeti stole our hearts when we walked into the room of kitties. She ignored us most of the time but we just loved how much she was playing with all the other kittens.

We loved her spunky little attitude as soon as we laid eyes on her. We took her home and our lives haven’t been the same since!

She’s non-stop action

Yeti loves to play, she will play for 24 hours if she could.

Her favorite game? Banging on the accordion doors to make as much noise as possible to get our attention. Once we take a peek, she’ll look at us, tap on the doors even faster and then run and hide so we can find her.

She loves to play fetch and will sometimes bring the ball to our feet and “meow” so we can throw it across the room.

The nickname

Yeti also goes by the name “Feesh” which is a cuter version of “Fish”. Even though we don’t feed her any fish, we thought it would be a cute nickname, considering she is a cat. She responds to both “Yeti” and “Feesh” and also responds to “You want food?” with a cute little “meow”.

She’s just a very funny kitty overall and we’re glad we’re getting the opportunity to share some of her funny and cute pictures as she grows with us.

Since we brought her home, Yeti likes to get on my chest (human mama) when I am laying down bright and early in the morning and stare into my eyes and purr.

She started this as a kitten and now at 10lbs, still does it (ouch!). It’s kind of our bonding moment before we start our day.

Funniest memory

One time I was folding laundry with her human papa and I said something as a joke that was just an attempt to get pitty from someone. As soon as I did a pouty face and lay my head on the bed, she gave me a nice big “pat” on the head with her paw as if to say “snap out of it”, it was a very funny moment that I won’t forget!


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