Cat Tales: The Vet’s Assistant

Cat Tales: Chaps the Vets Assistant

This is Chaps, Our Friend and Assistant

February 16th 2015 — Our veterinary hospital rescued Chaps from Animal Control, when their location had to close down and relocate. He was living on the streets, as an older stray kitty, fighting for every scrap of food he could find.

He was thin and in bad health. He had great health even at the grand old age of 17! We named him Chaps, because when you look at him from the side view, it looks like he is wearing chaps! After all, we are in Texas.

CBWP: We are saddened by the loss of Chaps, a warm friend of a great many folks at his hospital, who passed away on November 15, 2015. Kindly visit his Facebook page if you wish to leave condolences.

Cat Tales: Chaps the Vets Assistant

Playful and Super Social

He is a little mischievous and loves to chew on fingers and sometimes a little hard. He is a superstar and the CEO of our company. He is a social butterfly, or should we say kitty?

He enjoys being petted and loves human adoration. He likes to play, sleep and eat. He is a people-pleaser and looks forward to greeting the clients as they arrive at the Veterinary Hospital.

He is so sweet to sit with the clients and their pets to comfort them as they wait for the Veterinarian to see them. He always makes them smile and feel better.

He gets along with just about any type of animal you can imagine! Chaps loves his treats and will do any kind of athletic feat to get them, including balancing on the edge of the counter to grab it.

Cat Tales: Chaps the Vets Assistant

He has a good life at our Veterinary hospital with 20 mommies, a couple of daddies and 5 Veterinarians, who are at his beckoning call. He is in tip-top health and does not look or act his age. He is always surrounded by people who love him. We couldn’t do without Chaps.

-Sandy M.

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Tale modified on Nov 15 2015.


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